Saturday, December 30, 2006

The fierce Mr Don! .... more stuff to blog later. Now the connection is dirt slow!

... continue from previous pause ... Mr Don's life is simple. At this hour, at about 3am, he is still awake. I think he need to go shit, that's why he keep coming up to me and scratch my leg. My response to Mr Don is "Go shit anywhere you want, and stop disturbing me!" .... and then he go off. If he is still persistent in disturbing me, I will usually take out my blue color ruler, and he know the sign. The blue ruler means get off or else I whack you sign.

You never know what a dog really want in life. Before I continue, I just turn my head around, and I saw Mr Don took one of his toy and off he play by himself.

Dog's life is real simple. Sleep, wake-up, shit, pee, play, want to go out for car ride, bark, disturb everyone in the house, eat and finally go back to sleep or hibernating. But I know Mr Don quite well in certain way, I manage to teach him new words like "Down", "Bang-bang" and soon the word "Roll". Whenever Mr Don need to take something from his cage, he will come and ask me to do it. But if he can get it himself, he will do it all by himself. At times, he almost destroy the whole cage, just to take one of his favorite bear. Mr Don is also a very jealous companion. Whenever Ah Su come and hug me, he will come and attack Ah Su. For a brain as small as Mr Don, I think he is rather smart as well. I used to play plenty of tricks on him, such as tricking him run upstair and then rush all the way down.

To be explain this in more details. Mr Don is a dog stuck in a house (which is like a jail to him). Whenever someone want to go out (such as me), he will rush to the door, hoping that I or we will bring him out for a car ride. There are times when I pretend that I want to go out, and start playing prank such as pressing the car alarm, and Mr Don will follow me and run like a mad dog. But these days, if he is upstair, he will poke his head out from the staircase, and look down to see whether I'm really going out or just playing prank. Another good example of his smart behavior is asking him to "sit", "hand", "down", etc. If Mr Don know that there's no treat or chocolate, he will just skip everything, do the "down" position and then turn his body away from you, looking at the opposite direction. But with chocolate, even before you say the word "sit" ... he already sit, take his hand out for you, and then lay down to the floor.

Well, that's Mr Don!

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Fly Me To The Moon!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

 I realise I didn't blog for quite a while, all this work is killing me! It's so bad till I don't remember posting the video below. Looking at the style of writing, it's really weird I wrote it in such way. I thought Ah Su is the one posting it. But I don't think so la ...

I was reading Desmond's blog when I realise what he said about life is quite true. Life is quite routine and after a bad day, you go back, sleep, then wake up, it's another day. Or maybe it's a good day, you go back sleep, then you wake up, it's another day. The weekend also gone with a glimpse. I thought of going to Jazz festival, in fact Ah Su was talking about it weeks ago, but I guess either we are too lazy or too busy. Jeremy's birthday also gone ... but I guess I can only celebrate with him later as he was too busy for some of his friend's marriage. In fact, I was hoping that Siokster would come here, then we may go off to Pulau Payar, but alas she is also too lazy to drive here. I think she is opting for Singapore instead, so I guess my only option now is faster finish my work here, then go back KL find Jeremy so that we can party all night long! Nothing is better than a friday's night of partying and drinking all night long. Imagine, having a puff of cigarette while sipping your favorite liquer, while some sexy blokes walk past you, starring at you ;)

Dreaming again .... just like that stupid blue cockoo bird .... (flying off to the moon). Posted by Picasa

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A Short Film by Kevin

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Below is a short film of Don (Ah Su's baby dog). At this moment, I think Don is looking for Greenies (some sort of food) ... enjoy the film.

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Gold Ingot

Friday, November 24, 2006

Gold? I was doing spring cleaning on my soho when I realise I actually have quite a number of these gold ingot in my soho. This one was given by Ah Su. It's not a real gold (if you see properly). A real one would be way too expensive to be simply put in the soho.

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Bagan Lalang

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Took some photos when I was at Bagan Lalang last week. Looking at the photo, I realise I still look young but Ah Su is looking old now compare to last time when I first meet her.

There's nothing much at Bagan Lalang which is located somewhere in Sepang. This used to be a private beach long time ago (Mani told me long time ago before he was married, now he got 2 kids and is expecting his 3rd). So much things has change since then. Even Jeremy has a girlfriend now and my cousin, Sean no longer look thin now.

But I still look the same! I guess baby never get old. Looking at the photo again, my girlfriend, Ah Su change alot. Now she want to build an empire where else brainy like me want to have an easy life. If you don't see me blog as often, that's because I need to build "Rome". Perhaps the next time you see my photos, it will not be a baby anymore but an old frustrated person.

p/s : Building an empire is no easy task ... alot of sacrifices and sweats. Posted by Picasa

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Area 88

Friday, November 03, 2006

After watching Macross Zero, I have not really watch any good anime. The last 2 recommended by Jeremy was not really good such as Full Metal Panic and that anime about some online game, Dot Hack or something like that.

Then one day, I decided to pick up one anime from the store, and it's Area 88. Area 88 is not your typical kid's anime. It's quite deep and alot of emotion in it. Alot better than Macross. Macross Zero is not that good if you ask me, I would still prefer the original version of Robotech or another one called Macross Plus.

For your info, I have not been watching Hentai since 10 years ago. I'm not really a fan of hentai. The last hentai I watch if I'm correct should be that horny rabbit or rat called Hamtaro, I think. Or perhaps it's La Blue Girl or Legend of **something** ... I don't remember that name anymore. I know my friend, Calvin still watch alot of hentai and porn. The only thing abnormal is when someone who watch porn or hentai, keep saying "yeee ... yeeeee ... yyeeeeee" ... feeling disgust about those action in the TV, and yet the eyes still stared at the TV non-stop. Posted by Picasa

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Cousin Sat Luen Again?

Friday, October 20, 2006

My cousin sat luen again? God knows ...

Anyway, it's not Peter, it's one of my cousin doing his degree in MMU. Well, at that age, for most guys it's always about money or girl. In this case, it's girl. Perhaps a fear of not having a companionship for life.

For me, it's always about something else. Not really companionship. My girlfriend always said I don't have much friends, etc. And I will always tell her that eagle don't flock.

Anyway, for my cousin, well, life is a journey, so having a girlfriend is not the end of the journey.

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Peter's Wedding

Monday, October 02, 2006

3 years ago on this date (1st October 2003), my cousin, Peter meet his dream girl. 3 years ago, I think it's when I broke-up with my ex ... geee, I don't even remember when was that anymore, it's either 2003 or 2004. Anyway, it's not important. This is about Peter's wedding.I actually woke up early yesterday morning to witness this event. Another reason is because my brother need to open the car door for the groom and bride. I don't recognise the bride anymore as she was a total change from what I saw her last time. Last time, it was some dinner in a chinese restaurant in Imbi, and my cousin actually introduce his girlfriend. That was quite long ago, maybe between 2004 - 2005, I believe... Today, the bride look like one of the HK TVB actresses.

Why did Su Ling laugh? That is up to you to guess. You can put a caption in the comment box.

The wedding dinner was held in Sunway and Ah Su really eat alot! Shark Fin, fish, chicken. The only one she eat less is the rice! She even reminded me to take the dishes for her as she want to pretend to be ladylike that day.

In fact alot of people is getting married this month. End of this month, I have another cousin who is same age as me getting married. I think it will easily cost RM50,000 - RM80k to host a wedding reception. But of course, I might be getting back from angpow and gifts, but then most of my relatives are unemployed or still studying cousin like Sean's brother ... most probably I will be losing money. Unless I put them under the Kids's table ... but they are probably too old for that.

Maybe it's about time I ask friends who are married for some guidance ... but before that, one should enjoy life to the fullest! Posted by Picasa

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Autograph Book

Friday, September 29, 2006

I found this in Ah Su's store room. It's an old autograph book. Those kiddon book that you ask your friends and teachers to write and sign something when you were in primary school.
I was going through the book, pretty boring until I come across Siokster page. Siokster is Ah Su's best friend and I didn't know Siokster was once a kiddo writting all this funny little poem. In fact, I think they must be quite young when they wrote this autograph book as the vocalbuary are quite limited.

Even the poem is outdated and there's a ice cream corner in the book. I think even as kids, they must really enjoy ice cream. I wonder if Sean have an autograph book like Ah Su. Or perhaps Sean already dump that book away to show that he is already a macho grown-up like me :) Posted by Picasa

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Grand Palace in Bangkok. I was in Bangkok last weekend. The first place I visited was the grand palace and emerald temple. Then it was another ancient temple nearby the river. At night, I went to the biggest night market in the city. Bought myself a fake birkenstock sandal. I think before that I was in Chinatown for a while.

Next day, I went to the weekend market, and got myself a triangle pillow, bought a fake croc beach sandal and 2 T-shirt. Had plenty of thai food. Even went to Siam Paragon to explore the branded stuff. Overall, the food in Bangkok is quite cheap. You must be wondering how come I was in Bangkok last weekend. It all started when Ah Su think she should go explore those cheap products in Bangkok, and decided to book and buy ticket last Wednesday night. Then Saturday, I was already in Bangkok walking like mad! Posted by Picasa

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KL Bird Park

Monday, September 04, 2006

<<-- Chicken and Peacock.

I went to KL Bird Park on July 16 with Su, Jeremy and 2 other girl. The park is quite big and lot of birds to see. You must be wondering since when I'm so into birds? Aha, then you really don't know me that well. I'm a big fan of bird(s). I have a bird, love to eat bird (chicken) and I like watching bird on TV.

Anyway, enough about me and bird. If I remember correctly, I had bird flu that day when I was visiting Bird Park. The running nose make the whole trip so tiring for me. Ah Su also got pissed off that day as she didn't get enough sleep and need to wake up early to go Bird Park. Who briliant idea was that? Jeremy suggested it and since I was in town that time, might as well go see birds...

Jeremy's paintball outing was alot better (I heard) but unfortunatey I'm stuck with work and need to report to my slave master. Sad ... I was once a slave driver, and now I'm a slave ... but then life is all about work and no fun (according to Ah Su). Ah Su think life is to made tons and tons and tons and tons and tons of money and laugh all the way to the bank. That girl is crazy and almost a workaholic. Proud like a peacock too ...

These days I have so much things to blog but don't have the bloody time for it ... even sleep also no time! Sleeping is so precious for me ... I think I better stop here and go to sleep. I need to finish up more work and rush back to KL for a while. My sister just sent me an sms to ask me to go home, telling me that someone almost die the other day. To me, it's just a small matter, I also once thought I almost die in the toilet (after shit to alot of blood) but I didn't die. I'm still well and alive here .... ;)

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Long time didn't blog again ...

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Life is all about work. But luckily I still manage to take time off to watch a few movies and series. Recently I manage to watch Take The Lead and The Sentinel.

Currently while blogging, Ah Su is watching one TVB series call Love Guarantee...

Must be life is getting bored ....

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Monday, August 07, 2006

My Favorite Don!

Yesterday the neighbour dog is really noisy! It was as if the stupid dog see ghost. Anyway, it's the 7th month, and everything is possible. In fact, how can you be so sure (if there's no ghost) when there's so many possibilities in this world!

I don't care if the dog is barking. Maybe there's thief or cats, but this stupid dog is howling. I was so pissed off till I decided to watch Inside Man. Luckily I didn't listen to that Silly Su (SS). Inside Man is quite nice, better than Poseidon or those B grade movies that SS love. SS taste is really bad. I remember watching Hostel with SS! Bloody violent. In the end, I can only say SS must be crazy.

Anyway, the puppy in the photo is Crazy Don. Crazy Don is my favorite all time puppy. Hyperactive and always want to play. Nothing compare to some lazy poodle or violent noisy dog. The only time crazy Don bark is when you tie him up and didn't want to play with him. If it's not for the pee and shit, I would have buy us (me and Su) a puppy like crazy Don.

Silly Su is quite lazy. I got a feeling that I will be the one cleaning up the shit when the fun is over. Why lazy? Silly Su cook dinner yesterday and she claim that it's a nice lovely dinner. The first thing that came into my mind was something that her friend, Fiona would cook .... complicated meal. In the end, guess what? We had can food! Can Food! Red bean with egg, luncheon meat, roasted pork (bought from market) and meatball soup. Shit! All meat which is 100% NO-NO for me! Can food! And earlier she ask me whether I want to eat dinner tonight? I ask her what is she cooking. She tell me Sardines with rice! She is even more lazy than my mum! My answer is NO-NO! I rather eat something else. I'm not picky with food, but why want to eat something that you been eating so alot throughout your childhood, and now with a wonderful girlfriend, and you still eat this kind of !@#&^@%!!!!!

Tonight, if I come back early from Ipoh, I plan to eat at some German restaurant or maybe some sushi.

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Wow! Time Really Fly!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The last time I posted on this blog was about Densha Otoko. Now it's also Densha Otoko. Not the movie but the series. The TV series is better than the movie. Now I'm into Japanese girl. In fact, nowaday I find chinese girl quite dull. Talk about dull, now I also find my relationship dull. No more spice. In fact there are times when I want to ask for a break. But that's another blog story. Story of how eagle flying off from the chicken hut.

Back to Densha. Densha Otoko is the best love story I watch this year. Ah Su told me that Lakehouse is also good, but I can't comment until I watch it. You won't know how good is Densha Otoko until you watch it yourself. Talking about Densha, my comment is definetely 'Suki Des'! After watching Densha, I think I know myself better. Sometimes I wonder if I'm an Otaku, well, I'm in a way an otaku. Otaku need to find Japanese girl and not chinese girl! ** hinting **

Other than Densha, I also manage to find time to watch The Dance of Passion (TVB drama). That one is really over-rated. Again it's really about Gigi and Bowie. The ending is not too bad but the show is just too long. I also manage to finish off watching another TVB series called Forensic Heroes. I skip quite a few episode here and there, but still manage to get the story. In fact, watching the stupid idiot box is no longer entertaining for me! The next time I go travel, other than my notebook, I need to bring my PS2 along. The stupid notebook is just not too powerful enough to play game. Unless I go buy one new PC in PC Fair tomorrow.

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Densha Otoko (Trainman) The Movie

This is one of the best love story that I had ever watch this year. It's about a nerd who meet a beautiful girl on train and using the internet forum for advice on how to court that girl. It's a true love story. Remember those day when you are going after a girl and you have this fear of calling her or talking to her?

For me, I remember when I was in my car, looking at my phone, and thinking whether I should call Ah Su or not? After staring at the phone for more than a minutes, I decided to press the dial button. The moment the phone ring, my heart start beating fast, and I hope she won't pick up the call. The moment she pick-up, my mind need to work very fast ... looking for words to come out of my mouth. Ohh well, all that is history now, I guess I'm just an "otaku" ...

p/s : I was alot more brave and tactful than the otaku in the movie or else ....

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

My Super Expensive Sandals!!! Su con me into buying it! Guess how much ...

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Evil Su, Hostel and Superman Returns ...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Su is one evil woman! Whenever I think of the devil, her picture came into my mind. This is just how evil she is in my mind and heart! The photo below is really her true evil color.

Enough of evil su. See No Evil now!

The other day I was watching this movie by the director of Kill Bill. This movie Hostel is bloody violent and not really my cup of tea. Evil Su seem to enjoy watching it. Her favorite part of the movie is when the killer use the saw to cut off the other person. Violent and lot of naked scene, which is Su's cup of tea.

Today I watch Superman Returns, and guess what? Su actually cry! Which make me wonder ... how can an evil person cry when watching Superman Returns and not cry when watching Titanic? I guess she must be crying because she is too happy when Superman got beaten up by Lex Luther! And I bought Train Man from Speedy Video just now! Can't wait to watch this otaku ...

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Friday, July 07, 2006

Pretty Su or Crazy Su?

This is Su's latest outlook. I find her weird! If you ask me, it's a BIG turn off! Imagine your pretty decent girlfriend turn into a wild hiphop girl.

Should have went to worldcup street party in penang, but it's raining cat and dog since 12am. My favorite part of the match is when Zidane headbutt a Italian player and got a red card for it.

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Hutan Lipur Kanching (This one was taken using Jeremy's SLR). When you do what I did there, you feel cold and pain at the same time.

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Monday, June 26, 2006

This one is dedicated for Ah Su ... Superman Returns. Superkev ;)

Tonight I learn 2 new skill in photoshop, creating frame with shadows, and now adding head into another photo. Maybe next, I will be putting Ah Su into jgirl and sell online. June, I think is my ex-gf birthday and I don't even remember which day anymore ... somewhere in the 20s of the month, I think. Luckily I can never forget Ah Su's birthday as it's the same day with me ... hehehe. I plan to go watch Superman end of this month. I realise the photo is not too suitable as Superman face is oval but my face is quite round, and I didn't comb my hair.

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Ah Su in Palas Tea Plantation. The tea leaf make her go "siow"!

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Many Faces of Su - Happy, Anxious, Satisfy, Serious, Grumpy, Horny

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One Photo Paints A Thousand Words

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Introducing Kevon ... Su Ling's imaginery boyfriend.

While driving the other day, I told Su about my imaginery girlfriend, Reginez and she created Kevon. Who is Kevon? Kevon love to bring Su for shopping (especially in crowded and narrow street, eg Bugis St). Kevon listen to Su first and place Su above everything in life. Kevon like to treat Su nice and delicious food. Kevon like to buy pressie for Su. Kevon will do everything for Su.

Kevin think Kevon need to get a life! Life is bigger than SU!

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Friday, June 16, 2006

Scone from T Cafe!

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The cool mountain breeze is so refreshing!

After Ah Su complete her research presentation in KL, she treat me to a vacation in Cameron Highlands. Going up from Tapah road, the scenary is spectacular! Orang asli settlement, waterfall, mountain, jungle and narrow road. At first, I thought this will be one of the worst vacation. Afterall, I never been to Cameron Highlands and I assume it's all farm, farm and farm! Who want to go see farm? I rather watch TV!

It turn out to be better than I expected. I get to see Tea plantation with paranomic view. Had some opportunity to practice my photography skill and I even get to enjoy hot tea in the cold mountain breeze! T-Cafe is quite interesting. One of the popular cafe with good review from lonely planet. I'm not a fan of cream/butter scones but Ah Su is ...

The heritage hotel where Ah Su treat me is not that good, I didn't like the buffet steamboat dinner and the lousy breakfast! I must go visit the highland again, I didn't get the opportunity to try the steamboat restaurant recommended by Jeremy. Some tips from me ...

1) Don't book the stupid hotel that bundle the room with food! There are plenty of nice and cheap food out there.
2) Don't visit Cactus Valley and Rose Valley! RM4 for entrance is quite expensive. Add another RM4, I get to see Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift.
3) Don't buy too alot of strawberries and vegetables like Ah Su! She contributed to the GDP growth of the highland!
4) Sg Palas Boh Tea Factory have good paranomic view!
5) The pasar malam is a MUST to visit! I think it's only available during weekend.
6) Must try T-Cafe ... Ah Su claim that their scones is the best!

That's all ... for now!

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

This is what you see ... the race is not that exciting compare to F1.

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They are doing the Jordan Chan's Dance! They are the most entertaining team in the event!

There's nothing much to write about dragon boat. The race is too far and it's not that exciting. The only thing good about the dragon boat race is the entertaining hongkies and the sexy hongkies participants. It's a hot day and the coke I bought from one of the stall is not even cold ... maybe the girls there are just too hot that day.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Cactus Valley is so expensive, I almost fall from the highland!

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Space Technology

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06/06/06 - June 06, 2006

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Today is an auspicious day for chinese (according to some people) and it's also the rebirth of The Omen. The month of June is a month of anniversary. I have my friend, Mani wedding anniversary last week, and then their anniversary for moving to their new home on Saturday last week. Today, my PDA just tell me that it's Allan and Yew Thin wedding anniversary! I just send Allan an sms to wish him for the occasion. This week, my friend, Victor birthday is coming and then Timothy wedding anniversary is also around the corner! Weekend, I realise it's my mum birthday. Must ask my "crazy" girlfriend to think of something for that. That crazy Su is in town to present her research paper for some event in KL. If you ask me what's that research all about, it's about her Master research, but she like to make a joke out of it, by telling me that her research is about "penis" .... now you know why she is crazy?

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Monday, May 29, 2006

This 2 fella adventurer is hiking down the waterfall! Bloody dangerous!

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There's Seven Waterfall in this Forest Reserve!

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That's Jeremy and "???" - I think her name is "Tang".

That was taken on May 21, 2006. We decided to go hiking in Kanching Forest Reserve and explore the 7 waterfall in that reserve. Among all of Jeremy's friend, I think she is the most adventureous! She been to almost every adventure trail that me and Jeremy ever explore in our life! From Tempurung to Mulu! They even need to wait for me to catch breath after reaching the 5th waterfall. At the sixth waterfall, they went off to the seventh fall while I relax at the sixth (almost faint). But I did catch up with them at the seventh fall. When I reach the seventh fall, they are already there playing with the cold water!

Anyway, that's Kanching. The next time I'm able to blog, it will be about Dragon boat Festival in Penang or hiking thru the forest to some private beach. If Sean didn't con me, then maybe it will be about Redang ;)

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Monday, May 08, 2006

Star Trek Enterprise.

This is the latest TV series I'm following these day. As you know I'm into Sci-fi series and this may be the last one I'm watching. I had watch Lost, Battlestar Galactica and Stargate Atlantis. Except for Lost which I'm waiting to watch Episode 20, the other 2 series, Battlestar and Stargate has already reach the season finale. The next season is only starting end of this year. There's no new star trek series in 2006. Star Trek Enterpise end at season 4. Although I'm a fan of Star Trek (Trekker), but it's not as good as the old Star Trek The Next Generation (The Picard version). Stargate Atlantis is my favorite because somehow there's some connection between me and the character in the series such as Dr McKay. Battlestar Galactica, the special effect is good, and since I don't remember watching the old battlestar in the 70s or 80s, maybe I may like the new one. Cylons is definetely more high tech than The Wraith or those Sulibans. Those Wraith and Sulibans are actually humanoid aliens, but Cylons are machine. Number Six (Cylons) is one of the most good looking alien I ever seen, aferall she is a supermodel.

Recently, I discover something bad. My girlfriend can actually read my mind. I wonder if she is a Wraith in disguise or maybe a Cylon in my brain. Nar.. cannot be a cylon, most probably a Wraith. If you talk about evil aliens, the most cunning one is The Wraith. In fact, seeing a Wraith on screen, give me the chill. After writing all this, I think my favorite series is Stargate Atlantis.

Below is a video clip took using my camera. I will blog about it next time.

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Khoo Huan Kongsi in Penang. You need to pay RM5 to visit this kongsi and I realise non of my 'khoo' friends have their name on the scholar plaque in one of the room! Not so interesting! Snake Temple is the worst! No Snake at all! Only 2 snake beside the altar. The Tour Guide suck big time!

Day One
- Kuan Yin Temple (Boring ...)
- Cannot find Baba Nyonya Heritage house (either tour guide got confuse or that place is permanently closed)
- Huan Kongsi (Pay RM5 to see a kongsi and plenty of Khoo ancestor photos, no story like Blue Mansion, restoration not as good as Blue Mansion and that place is still renovating!)
- Reach Fort Cornwalis. Didn't want to pay to enter the fort! Must blame it all on War Museum! I remember paying RM20 to see rubbish!
- Snake Temple (You gotta be kidding me! Where's the snake! I guess snake must be hiding under my friend's pant).
- Dinner at Genting Hill! Far and dangerous! Imagine eating with bugs and moths! It was about 9pm when we reach that hill, so nothing much to see! Feel like kicking the tour guide :)
- Walking pass SS (not the Nazi but Slipery Senorita!). Saw 3 gorgeous looking chick driving merz to some disco. Unfortunately we ended up at SOHO! From Black Eye Peas at SS, we ended up with YMCA at SOHO! Gosh! I'm not old and gay!
- Go back and sleep! After all the above sucky tour, this is the best! Nothing beat a good night sleep!

Day Two
- Lunch at Uncle Ho but Uncle Ho went to sell DVD, and abandon his food business (Kidding). Pizza at US Pizza. No wonder there is no US Pizza in Klang Valley! We waited more than 30 minutes for the drinks and bread! The guy who take order, also prepare the pizza, answer the phone call, and do delivery! But the pizza is not too bad compare to Pizza Hut. No Tabasco Sauce but who need stupid tabasco when you have chili flakes.
- Ke Lok Si Temple. Tour Guide suck big time again! Imagine climbing lot of stair, reach section A, then descend the stair, climb lot of stair to reach section B ... only to realise it's the wrong way to section B! Then you descend the stair, climb lot of stair to reach section A again, and realise that you need to pay to go to section B! Section B is the pagoda! This temple is really commercialise! And if you want to see the bronze Kuan Yin, you also need to pay! I must complain to my godmother, Kuan Yin someday about this!
- Send the sucky tour guide back home to sleep and we go back KL!

What about English Tea at E&O? Vacation rating is half star out of 5 star.

Next time, I must organise everything myself such as steamboat in Cameron Highland, fishing in Taman Negara, diving in Pulau Kapas, etc.

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Soldiers Heroes Of World War 2.

I'm still trying to finish this game. Jeremy seem to be quite good in it. There are time when we were playing together, he can easily take out the enemy tank alone (using bomb of course). Compare to C&C General, this game is not that resource hungry and it's alot more real.

Currently I'm not in a hurry to finish this game, as I still have plenty of games to play on my PC. I recently bought battlefield 2 but unfortunately my video card is too old for it. That game didn't support a GeForce4 Ti card. I'm still trying to figure out why I can't run Galactic Civilization 2 on my PC. I'm quite crazy about sci-fi genre type of game recently. In fact, I have Star Wars Empire At War and Ur Quan Master installed. Ur Quan Master is a port of the original Star Control 2 for 3DO Consoles.

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

A Pillow Case Of Mystery.

Currently, this is the latest drama I'm watching. It's about Bobby Au solving case using his dream. One of those funny TVB series. After watching this drama, well, I skip quite a few episode and I don't know when and how come Bobby marry Kenix in that series.

Today, Su Ling told me that Kenix acted in some porn movie. That's something new, but I told her that it's fake porn.

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Is this blog dead?

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Didn't realise it's already months since I last posted anything here. I had been busy playing games. I started with Age of Empires III, then moved to Simcity 4, and now playing Soldiers: Heroes of World War II. My girlfriend is busy with Simcity 4 but have moved on to play The Sims 2. The Sims is really a stupid game, and I really don't know why she like it so much.

Okay, this blog is not dead, I realise I need to take some air every now and then after playing games. I will take off some of breathing time from reading news to blog for you.

The recent news is about avian flu in Perak. Look like the flu is moving up north. Previously it's in KL, now move to Perak, and I wonder where it will go next.

The next time I blog, I will talk about driving fast (not me but my cousin). I will tell you about "drag" and "top speed" from my perspective ;)

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