Bagan Lalang

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Took some photos when I was at Bagan Lalang last week. Looking at the photo, I realise I still look young but Ah Su is looking old now compare to last time when I first meet her.

There's nothing much at Bagan Lalang which is located somewhere in Sepang. This used to be a private beach long time ago (Mani told me long time ago before he was married, now he got 2 kids and is expecting his 3rd). So much things has change since then. Even Jeremy has a girlfriend now and my cousin, Sean no longer look thin now.

But I still look the same! I guess baby never get old. Looking at the photo again, my girlfriend, Ah Su change alot. Now she want to build an empire where else brainy like me want to have an easy life. If you don't see me blog as often, that's because I need to build "Rome". Perhaps the next time you see my photos, it will not be a baby anymore but an old frustrated person.

p/s : Building an empire is no easy task ... alot of sacrifices and sweats. Posted by Picasa

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