Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Too easy! Now she is accusing me of cheating :)

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Chess game with Ah Su! Fun!

Ah Su challenge me to a chess game after waking me up from my precious sleep. My chess skill have already rusty. I used to play chess alot during my schooling day. I'm not the best player in school but definetely not one of the worst. Don't mention about my friends, as they are not the same league with me (in chess), I'm way better than everyone, including Kok Keong and the rest. My only challenge is Timothy (that guy have already married, and someday I must challenge him in chess again).

Anyway, back to this chess game, Ah Su is just too predictable, and always fall for my bait. Well, one thing about playing chess with her, it's quite stressful too! If she manage to win me, I know she will start to tease me and it will be her teasing and laughing subject for many days. Well, unfortunately so far, she is still not good in this game yet.

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

A scene taken from Macross Zero (Not hentai, okay).

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hike up Penang Hill from Youth Park.

I finally continue this blog after uploading this the other day. I think it's more than a week since we hike Penang Hill from youth park. Armed with a 2 tupperware of sandwiches, 1 big bottle of water, plenty of chocolate bars and a computer printed map, we decide to hike up Penang hill that day. I think we started hiking early in th morning about 7 or 8am, and reach Penang hill at about noon. Going through the trail was fun, I didn't know there's a playground on top of the hill (call Station 5 or 45 ... don't really remember the station name). And from there, we continue through the forest (photo above). The forest is quite cooling as there's mist (maybe it's because we are high up the hill). We stop quite often, as Ah Su keep asking me to stop after walking for about few minutes. Going through the forest is quite scary, as we are the only one travelling that trail. I know there's one uncle ahead of me, and after a while another uncle pass through me. These uncles seem to be regular, and jog through the trail.

After a while, we reach station 84, which was guard by an old lady (I think she is waiting for someone). Ah Su ask her for direction, and she look at Ah Su from toe to face, then ask her to take the tar road trail so that she won't get lost. The tar road up to Penang Hill was really tough, even I need to stop quite often, as it's really steep. There's one nice house half way, some crazy dogs and one small puppy who seem to be lost (and wanted to follow us). I have to motivate Ah Su by telling her that we are reaching all the time, and she will curse me after going up that steep road, only to discover that there's still a long way.

When we saw the signboard and the Indian temple, that was good sign as we know we have finally reach the top. We actually reach somewhere near the hotel and small bird park on top of the hill. We eat our sandwiches and then took a tram down.

No more hiking for now ... at least not on tar road. Tomorrow, I will talk about the movies I watch recently (That board game movie, some award winning foreign film about Afghanistan, some hong kong flick about beer/liquer, stupid flightplan, sky high, etc). The only one that I really enjoyed is that board game movie and that flick about beer/liquer. I plan to watch that hong kong musical soon, not that Jackie Cheung Snow Wolf Lake, but that one in cinema.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Paoz Mui (in water color effect).

Pau (Paoz) or Dumplings with meat – the chinese version of the American burger. Other variations include sweet paste instead of meat. Best eaten when warm.

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Bear & Monkey!

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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Bukit Melawati (Kuala Selangor). Taken at the moon observation tower. Behind is the seaview, lighthouse and part of the fort of melawati. There's plenty of monkeys on the hill.

The seafood at Kuala Selangor is not that good. My favorite seafood restaurant is still in Kepong, but the scenary there cannot be compare with Kuala Selangor. The photo above was taken at the moon observatory tower, a place where they use the telescope to find the moon, to mark the beginning and end of fasting month.

Gosh, this is suppose to be a netpreneur's blog, but now it's more like a food and vacation blog. In fact, Google think it's an adult oriented blog (blog with adult or mature content). In the next few weeks, I will talk a little on some of the business that Su is working on (such as some data integrity software, and some high technology stuff). Su is totally different, she is a technology oriented person while I'm just a "copy-cat" ... most of my business are not original idea unlike her. I think I better go watch Lost (HBO).

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Lover's Bridge in Tg Sepat (glorious sunsets, wooden houses and, of course, fresh seafood come to mind!) . This is the famous lover's link, which extend all the way out to the sea. The first part is cement and the final section is wood. Quite scary (if you fall into the sea) as the sea is quite rough and the water is very dirty. Alot of people actually go there for fishing.

It's a day trip to Tanjung Sepat for dinner. We were also there to buy Ah Su's favorite pau! The Tg Sepet's famous "mui choi" pau. My mum think Ah Su is too bored at home, and decided to drive her to Tg. Sepat today. The photos below was taken in Morib around 5-6pm. The sea is rough and look dangerous (must be post tsunami effect). I used to play at Morib's seaside many years back (more than 15 years ago).

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Ah Su in Morib!

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Friday, October 21, 2005

Frosty For Sale ~ $20.58

EVERYBODY LOVES FROSTY is reality's most watched and highest-rated comedy. Starring standup netpreneur Frosty in the title role, the series revolves around Frosty, a not so successful netpreneur living on Penang Island with his wifegirlfriend, FrosFros (Su Ling), 13-year-old Bear, Koala, and 9-year-old twin sons, Muffin and ??????. That's the good news.

The bad news? Frosty's meddling friends, Frank and Sean, live directly across the street and embrace the motto "Su casa es mi casa," managing to infiltrate their buddy's home to an unparalleled extent. Frank's favorite expression, "Holy Crap!" is shouted at regular intervals and Sean's cooking and cleaning "advice" is less than appreciated by FrosFros. Frosty's gay brother, JimJim, an IT project manager, has finally moved out of his parents' house and married FrosFros's best friend, Sharon. Frosty's uptight sister and anti-social brother make the family mix even more entertaining -- except for Frosty and FrosFros, who just wish someone would knock.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Fatty Su (Caught In The Act).

It's 1.27am and the lady above is watching astro, drinking pepsi and eating pringles potato chips. Fatty Su love to eat, and her favorite food is laksa (penang), curry mee, satay, cheese cake, strawberry, bak kut teh, crab and almost every food you can imagine. There's nothing that she will say not nice! Once in my house, she finish up all the pau in my fridge (about 6). My mum bought this "mui-choi" albeit preserved vegetables pau from Tanjung Sepet, and Ah Su finish all in one night. My mum thought Ah Su love to eat pau :)

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Saturday, October 15, 2005


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Thursday, October 13, 2005


I have a friend, Su Ling, who knows everything. No, she’s not a genius. But she is mad. Which is about the same thing as being a genius. And she is not the only one. Many of my and her other friends are also equally mad. But only Su Ling specializes in the sex angle.

"Girls evolved differently from guys," she once explained to me, “which is why they don’t have beards.”

"What is the reason for men having beards then?" I asked her.

"Evolution, kevin" she replied. "In prehistoric days, men needed a way to differentiate between men and women. The way of finding mates then was to chase the prehistoric women down until they allow you to copulate with them in a prehistoric way. So if you are a prehistoric guy and you see someone with a prehistoric beard, you don’t waste your prehistoric time by giving a prehistoric chase. You go chase something else. Evolution is smart, you know"

"Oh yeah?" I countered. "Well, we know that cows have 6 nipples and women only have two. Yet both cows and women give birth to one baby at a time. So tell me, if Evolution was so darn smart, why don’t women also have six nipples?"

"Ish! Listen," Su Ling explained patiently. "You have only two hands for foreplay, okay? Evolution states that women will have six nipples when men evolve six hands."

Mmmm…okay. The great psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud, used to explain everything from the theory of sex. Su Ling is a practical Freudian. She explains the same thing also through sex, but through practical sex. In that sense, she is far ahead of Sigmund Freud.

"But ..." I argued, "if evolution was based on practical sex, then why don’t women have breasts at the back, so that we men have something to do with our hands, while slow dancing?"

"Look," she answered back, "if a woman has breasts at the back, she would not be able to breastfeed the baby. In that event, the father will have to hold the baby behind the mother’s back while she produces the milk. That is simply not efficient. Two people doing one job! Call it what you like, but you can’t call it evolution."

"What can you call it then?"

"Government," she replied.

Su Ling is good. She may not always make much sense to me, but she is good. Funny thing is, she is not the only one with odd theories of evolution. A male colleague of mine used to say, "Men chase after women because women are mysterious. That is why Evolution made sure that women evolve mysteriously."

"What has Evolution got to do with that?" I demanded.

"Well, Evolution made women bleed for seven days in a month and still live longer than men. Men are baffled by stuff like that. And they chase after things that baffle them."

"You sure that's what menstruation is all about? As a mystery factor to get men to chase after women?"

"Hey, it's a natural instinct. I've got a dog which chases after cars. It's because it can't understand how a dumb object with four wheels can move faster than a dog with four legs."

"Odd theory, but you could be right."

"Of course I'm right. I got a wife, don't I? I married her because I didn't understand her."

He's completely wacky, but he's got a point. So if any of you chikas are complaining that your guy does not understand you, back off. If he understood you completely, he wouldn’t be chasing you, geddit?

(( That's why I never want to understand the crazy Su **** )) ... Good Night!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The noun nuisance has 2 meanings:

Meaning #1: (law) a broad legal concept including anything that disturbs the reasonable use of your property or endangers life and health or is offensive

Meaning #2: a bothersome annoying person
Synonyms: pain, pain in the neck

Imagine this ... you are tired, working for one whole day, went running, and now you want to sleep. But somehow the phone keep ringing non-stop!

Now, imagine this ... you are downloading your email and about to go off to sleep but somehow, someone keep giving you nudge in MSN IM! And a Buzz in Yahoo IM!

Okay, now, imagine this ... you work throughout the week, and you still need to go back to the office to finish off some important task, but somehow someone show up in your doorstep, when you least expect that person! Bye Bye to your privacy and personal space ... and welcome suffering.

Well, there's still hope! GOD will help me ...

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Girlfriend! Where are you???

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Self introduction?
I am 25 year old, 180cm, male, 85kg (and increasing!). Full time blogger (don't ask me what is "blogger"). No car, no motorbike, no house, no credit card (I have ALL other cards).

I am not romantic. I am not talkactive. I never goto pub nor disco. I don't smoke. I seldom drink. I never drunk till puke. I don't sing. I don't dance. I don't play music. I don't listen music (only radio). I know computers. I read books, all kind of books. I am rather knowledgeable. I am geek. I am nerd. I am good listener. I am your good friend.

I always say, "I am a failure boyfriend but I will be a good husband."

Do you want to be my boyfriend?
I will say "No". Confuse huh? I am afraid now, afraid that after few years all I get is "I have no feeling to you anymore." I am not young, I don't have much time to be wasted.

For the moment, I think staying single is better. I don't even know how do people dating in the small Kluang town. There is no place to go! Stay at home? Something bad will happen. Hehe..

Admit it, it is very hard to handle a girlfriend. I rather do programming than understand what is in girl's mind. Strangely, my ex girlfriend said that I always understand what she think, but she didn't understand me at all. I think I hide myself very well. Oh, I am bad.

Only the right girl has the key to unlock my mind.

--- I extracted the above from a friend's site. I will create one for another friend of mine. ---

Mr T introduction?
I am 29 year old, 185cm, male, 75kg (and increasing!). Factory worker (actually I'm more than that). Have car, have 3G phone, have shares, have credit card (I have LOT of savings).

I am very romantic. I am very talkactive. I always goto pub and disco. I always smoke. I always drink. Once in a while I will be drunk and puke. I can sing (quite shy). I always dance. I play music especially recorder. I always listen to music (radio and live band). I know computers (I'm an oversea IT grad). I read books, all kind of books (fiction, biography, etc). I am rather knowledgeable (from xxx to investment). I am cool . I am unique. I am a good listener. I am your best friend (only applicable to girls).

I always say, "I don't have girlfriend yet but I will be a good boyfriend and husband."

Do you want to be Mr T's girlfriend?
I will say "YES!". Confuse huh? I am afraid now, afraid that after few years all I get is "I may need to go to Tibet" I am not young, I don't have much time to be wasted.

For the moment, I think staying single is better (I have tons of outing activities). I don't even know where is all the nice good looking girls in Klang Valley. They are all attached! Can I go after them? Something bad will happen. Hehe..

Admit it, it is very hard to find a girlfriend. I rather go find PR than wondering whether the girl like me. Strangely, ALL my girlfriends said that I always understand what they think, but they never understand me at all. I think I am too unique. Oh, I am cool!

Only the right girl has the key to unlock my ****.

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Only Love - Trademark

Saturday, October 01, 2005

2am and the rain is falling
Here we are at the crossroads once again
You're telling me you're so confused
You can't make up your mind
Is this meant to be
You're asking me

But only love can stay
Try again or walk away
But i believe for you and me
The sun will shine one day
So i just play my part
Pray you'll have a change of heart
But i can make you see it through
That's something only love can do

In your arms as the dawn is breaking
Face to face and a thousand miles apart
I've tried my best to make you see
There's hope beyond the pain
If we give enough
If we learn to trust

But only love can stay
Try again or walk away
But i believe for you and me
The sun will shine one day
So i just play my part
Pray you'll have a change of heart
But i can make you see it through
That's something only love can do

I know if I could find the words
To touch you deep inside
You'll give my dreams just one more chance
To let this be our last goodbye

But only love can stay
Try again or walk away
But i believe for you and me
The sun will shine one day
So i just play my part
Pray you'll have a change of heart
But i can make you see it through
That's something only love can do

That's something only love can do

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Horny Biz Partner ...

I have a quite a few business partner, and today I will write about this particular horny guy. I was going through some of the network program on the server, then I decided to browse the internet for a while. I saw this link of his bookmark, click ... and I was redirected to this site. Wow! I didn't know he is into this kind of thing. He sure don't look that horny to me. I always think he is a decent guy, but now my perception of him changed. Now, if a guy is decent and nice, I think it's all fake, he is "super-hamsap" (super horny). If the guy talk alot about sex, then I think he is just open and not that "hamsap". You should go observe people around you, your friends, your collegues ... and try to identify who is the most ham sap one. For my circle of friends, well, let me give you some enlightenment.

Uncle Beaver - Whenever I'm out with him, I will tell him not to talk about work and business, then he will start to crap about beaver and stuff. He like to talk about sex and all sort of horny stuff.

Mr K - He love hentai and anime. Okay, I think he also download and watch plenty of hardcore. Some is so bad till one of my friend say that the moment you watch it, you can't even get hard and lost all sort of appetite. If you first meet Mr K, he is decent, soft-spoken, well educated and look like a decent nice guy. If you know him like me, he is a silent F*cker (this term make famous by Uncle Beaver).

Mr T - Mr T is your typical leisure suit larry. Talk about the latest pubs, disco ... err, wait the minute. Leisure Suit Larry is an old game! Okay, let me rephrase again ... Talk about the papaya farm, disco (those where you spin your head), pub with PR, uncle's pub, Mr T is the man! Mr T smoke alot, drink alot and play alot. Of course it's alright, as he is still single and working very hard to find his life partner. Mr T, well, is open about his horny activity once he is high or else he will tell you that he is just there for a drink and relax. Actually NO! He is there for ... you know what.

Mr O - Nothing much except the most memorable thing about him is saw this video clip about penetration in his computer once. He is a practical guy.

Mr N - Vulgar, like to touch guy nipple. A womaniser, but not that horny. To me, he is just a young chap who don't know much about the world of hamsap old man. Safe guy to hang out, although you have to bare with his ego of a horny macho guy :)

Ms S - Smart girl but first class horny! If you think you are horny, wait till you know her personally. Imagine ... catwoman ... drain you off ... iik ... scary!

If you look at my list .. I can tell you that everyone is horny, so I guess it's normal. Who isn't? I mean normal? For reading and checking out my ads, I will give you this link, okay?

Singapore Girls

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dinner. Talking about dinner, I feel hungry now! Unfortunately there's no more burger in my fridge, only sausages and bacon.

Anyway, I just got back here blogging again at 9.41am ... I'm surviving now with cofffee, and I know someday I might really die young. Look at the food I'm eating, you know I will die because of that. This afternoon (Friday), I will go eat some vegetarian meal. I remember I once promise about eating vegetarian. Well, it's one of those overpromise, under deliver. Haiz ... sad life.

Su Ling is earning alot of Adsense these day, I thought I want to be the pro-blogger, but turn out that she is better than me. What's happening to me?

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Front Sharp, Back Blurr ... not SLR :)

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Old Stuff ...

Monday, September 26, 2005

Still remember?

The sweet girl standing beside me is sweetheart su (fierce + clingy = su). In fact, all the girls in this photo are all fierce lady, and they graduate from the same university. The guy also come from the same school and did their post-school studies at the same institution. 4 of them have the same education discipline which is IT/Computer Science. 2 ... I think it's better if I put this in statistic.

IT = 4/5
Fierce = 2/5
Love Shopping = 2/5
Same School = 3/5
Same University = 2/5
Crazy = 2/5
Super Hamsap = 1/5
King of Comedy = 2/5
Currently Attached = 5/5
Love Gambling = 3/5
Angry Beaver = 1/5

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My Dinner.

I came back to this section to continue blogging later. I'm not a healthy person, drink alot of coffee, and I even feel weird these day like once in a while I think I got chest pain. I don't even look as good as I was, I have a big tummy, maybe not as big as Calvin or my cousin(s) ;)
Anyway, I just got back from eating nasi goreng ayam, had some discussion with Daniel. On the way back, I realise I actually left my phone in the car. I saw this sms from Ah Su. Ah Su is actually good for me, just like the apple above. I don't know about her motive, but where can you find a girl who over-protect you? I'm a crook, but she think I'm too dumb, and she always take care of my welfare. Gosh, I think I better go sleep now.

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Guess Who?

Guess who?

This is Ah Su aka Su Ling. Everything that you can ever imagine a girl to be, including the fierce and clingy characteristic. Currently she is busy disturbing me online. Even when I go out, she will call and disturb me. Sometimes, it's a pain in the ass, but sometimes it's fun (because I can never think of anyone as crazy as her other than me). Well, I never know how annoying and crazy I was until I get the same type of treatment from her. I have no idea where she took this photo, but I assume it must be her brother's convocation in UTM. A family of IT professional, except for me, I'm moving into real estate with my buddy, Dandy. I don't even know if I can excel in this area, but I'm applying my IT knowledge into this.

I realise I'm running out of topic to blog. I only spend my time in front of the PC, getting nag by the lady above, and sleep. I realise I have a messy life, and everything is so unmanageable but luckily there's one person who always audit and force me back on track.

Later I will come-up with 10 things that I hope she will promise me ... number 1, don't always "lau gai".

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High paying Adsense keywords

Sunday, September 25, 2005

These keywords are just my prediction from using a tool in Adwords. I think it is possible to earn more money. The list is as shown below:

these are just keywords, your topic should cover stuff about those keywords.

1. Travel, travelling, holidays, vacation

2. sex, how to please your partner, romantic ideas

3. books

4. movies, blockbuster

5. music, mp3

6. gps

If i have more time i will look more into it. but those keywords supposely from the estimation tool generate a lot of traffic.

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Million Dollar Homepage

The Million Dollar Homepage Project -

Some guy plan to sell ads and raise 1 million US dollar for himself to go through university. What a weird world ...

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Accessories for Sale ...

Saturday, September 24, 2005

For Sale - RM50 for all ...

I have a new hobby these day, taking photos of products and sell it off. If you are keen to buy the product above, email me ... or pay me via paypal :)

I have $0.94 from Adsense today, and someday I hope I will get my a $100 cheque from Adsense. I will use that money to buy something for Ah Su. Maybe not, sometimes I find Ah Su rather annoying. She keep disturbing me all time until I can only eat dinner at 12am. In fact this is not the first time. Everyday I had nightmare, nightmare of crazy su.

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Final Fantasy VII

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I had finally finish watching this Final Fantasy 7 animation. The story is quite good, as Cloud still like Aeris. But I personally think Tika is better. Gosh, I'm so sleepy now.

I don't want to take coffee, unless I want to take coffee like what I wrote in one of those forum. I drink coffee in the morning, I drink coffee in the afternoon, and I drink coffee before I sleep. I sleep better after drinking coffee. Of course it's not true!

Gosh, I must go make coffee ... don't make sense if I go sleep now! Ah Su went to KB, and somehow I think life without her is fun, as I feel like I have more time to do my work. With her around (even when she is online), she would be bugging me and I don't like people to bug me!

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Ham Sap Su ...

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Su ...

This is Ah Su, she ask me to start a blog about sex, but somehow I'm not so into sex. Below is an extract of our conversation in IM.


Ah Su: An orgasm also helps you lose some fats. Now thats cool too because you will look better, unless you don't have any fats to minus from, but I don't talk to skinny people so thats their business.

Ah Su: People can smell desperate-ness from a mile away. When u portray yourself to be desperate, you don't get sex. No sex=no orgasms. Then you become more desperate. Then it can be smelt from 2 miles away. Desperation=no sex. Then you get frantic. = no sex. Then you finally die. Life is not worth living.


I was thinking about some of my friend, but then I don't think it's true. Why? Because my friend went to Sri Petaling and Kepong to get their orgasms. For me, I rather go play my PS2 (my brother bought a new game).

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A New Blog ...

I finally got this blog back from Andy Poh. Kill off his blog and restart my own. Enough about Andy, time to talk about my life.

It's 7.24am now, I think Jeremy should be awake by now. He was like a little down yesterday and went off to sleep. Imagine if all the girls you hang out with, is no longer available, one by one started to get marry, and the groom isn't you! I won't blame him for been moody at all.

It's hazy this morning, and I hope it rain soon as it's really warm in KL these days. Last night the temperature is about 30 celsius. This evening, Lynda will be coming back from Singapore and most probably I will still be sleeping at that time. That's another long story. I'm doing this venture (#**^^@#%">#**^^@#%) which everyone is looking down and thinking that the team is wasting their time. I think I won't go into that now. Sensitive issue.

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