Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Too easy! Now she is accusing me of cheating :)

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Chess game with Ah Su! Fun!

Ah Su challenge me to a chess game after waking me up from my precious sleep. My chess skill have already rusty. I used to play chess alot during my schooling day. I'm not the best player in school but definetely not one of the worst. Don't mention about my friends, as they are not the same league with me (in chess), I'm way better than everyone, including Kok Keong and the rest. My only challenge is Timothy (that guy have already married, and someday I must challenge him in chess again).

Anyway, back to this chess game, Ah Su is just too predictable, and always fall for my bait. Well, one thing about playing chess with her, it's quite stressful too! If she manage to win me, I know she will start to tease me and it will be her teasing and laughing subject for many days. Well, unfortunately so far, she is still not good in this game yet.

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

A scene taken from Macross Zero (Not hentai, okay).

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