Friday, June 16, 2006

The cool mountain breeze is so refreshing!

After Ah Su complete her research presentation in KL, she treat me to a vacation in Cameron Highlands. Going up from Tapah road, the scenary is spectacular! Orang asli settlement, waterfall, mountain, jungle and narrow road. At first, I thought this will be one of the worst vacation. Afterall, I never been to Cameron Highlands and I assume it's all farm, farm and farm! Who want to go see farm? I rather watch TV!

It turn out to be better than I expected. I get to see Tea plantation with paranomic view. Had some opportunity to practice my photography skill and I even get to enjoy hot tea in the cold mountain breeze! T-Cafe is quite interesting. One of the popular cafe with good review from lonely planet. I'm not a fan of cream/butter scones but Ah Su is ...

The heritage hotel where Ah Su treat me is not that good, I didn't like the buffet steamboat dinner and the lousy breakfast! I must go visit the highland again, I didn't get the opportunity to try the steamboat restaurant recommended by Jeremy. Some tips from me ...

1) Don't book the stupid hotel that bundle the room with food! There are plenty of nice and cheap food out there.
2) Don't visit Cactus Valley and Rose Valley! RM4 for entrance is quite expensive. Add another RM4, I get to see Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift.
3) Don't buy too alot of strawberries and vegetables like Ah Su! She contributed to the GDP growth of the highland!
4) Sg Palas Boh Tea Factory have good paranomic view!
5) The pasar malam is a MUST to visit! I think it's only available during weekend.
6) Must try T-Cafe ... Ah Su claim that their scones is the best!

That's all ... for now!

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