Monday, May 29, 2006

That's Jeremy and "???" - I think her name is "Tang".

That was taken on May 21, 2006. We decided to go hiking in Kanching Forest Reserve and explore the 7 waterfall in that reserve. Among all of Jeremy's friend, I think she is the most adventureous! She been to almost every adventure trail that me and Jeremy ever explore in our life! From Tempurung to Mulu! They even need to wait for me to catch breath after reaching the 5th waterfall. At the sixth waterfall, they went off to the seventh fall while I relax at the sixth (almost faint). But I did catch up with them at the seventh fall. When I reach the seventh fall, they are already there playing with the cold water!

Anyway, that's Kanching. The next time I'm able to blog, it will be about Dragon boat Festival in Penang or hiking thru the forest to some private beach. If Sean didn't con me, then maybe it will be about Redang ;)

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