I left My Heart In Paka

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I miss the golden sun, the big fishes ... ar, shut the bloody mooson!

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Guangzhou Food

Friday, November 21, 2008

During my last trip to Guangzhou, I had dinner in one of the most popular restaurant there. And somehow ...


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Photo Posting

Monday, November 10, 2008

If you are wondering ... the top photos was taken when we were traveling in China. I was not exactly sleeping (but actually pretend to be sleeping). The photo below, was Mr Don hugging "koala" while sleeping. I don't think Mr Don is pretending, though ...

The last photo was taken when we decided to go KTV one weekend. That's Aunty Eddy ... singing Leon Lai's songs.

Next posting will be about ...

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China Again ...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's a fast trip this time. Within a few days, we manage to finish almost everything we plan to do here. But I still didn't get to go to the Emperor tomb and the museum. Unlike Su Ling, who bought a lot of unnecessary things, nothing on the shopping street seem to be attractive to me this time. Today is the 5th day in China and I'm already bored with the food! Almost every other day, we will be having supper such as those bbq or fried stuff. Today, we had those bbq oyster and prawns (for snack) before dinner.

Anyway, I had minor stomach discomfort just now, and I just went to the toilet ... well, I think I will start eating vegetable when I go back to KL. Su as usual start telling me about diet when we are back, but like the last trip here ... the diet somehow never seem to materialise when we are back. In fact, we became even more fat after that ...

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China Again ...

It's a fast trip this time. Within a few days, we manage to finish almost everything we plan to do here. But I still didn't get to go to the Emperor tomb and the museum. Unlike Su Ling, who bought a lot of unnecessary things, nothing on the shopping street seem to be attractive to me this time. Today is the 5th day in China and I'm already bored with the food! Almost every other day, we will be having supper such as those bbq or fried stuff. Today, we had those bbq oyster and prawns (for snack) before dinner.

Anyway, I had minor stomach discomfort just now, and I just went to the toilet ... well, I think I will start eating vegetable when I go back to KL. Su as usual start telling me about diet when we are back, but like the last trip here ... the diet somehow never seem to materialise when we are back. In fact, we became even more fat after that ...

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Wanted Dead or Alive!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Last weekend, I was invited to a fishing trip at Sekinchan area. It was disaster all the way from start till almost end of the trip! Almost everything jinx happen ... no case to keep the mantis prawn bait, no air pump to keep the bait alive, the tide too low - boat can't go out from the port, slow bite, no baitfishes, surrounded by trawler boat, very windy and rough sea, storm, changing to many fishing spot - yet no fish, anchor fall into the sea, fishing net almost stuck into the engine, friends thinking that they encounter a hearse boat (don't think it's a hearse boat, most likely it's the nine emperor god boat), rod drop into the sea, etc.

Disaster, right? Well, the good thing is I took the opportunity to sleep throughout the trip. I sleep through all that, and by the time I wake-up (fully awake), I was ready for some real fishing action. We found a tripletail spot, and we manage to pull up almost everything from that spot. My buddy's fishing instinct save this trip. We had a break at the last spot. If not, we will end up going back home with a bad trip.

The storm that night was rough but nothing compare to those that I saw in Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch.

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From Muar to ...

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


During the previous Raya holiday, me and Ah Su drove off to Muar to buy some otak-otak. The small town (also PG's hometown) is famous for otak-otak, claim to be made from mackerel fish paste. Somehow I don't really believe it's made from mackerel ... afterall it's not easy to catch a mackerel these day. When I was eating the otak-otak that day in Muar, my mind could only imagine the otak-otak was made from some commercial fresh water fish such as catfish. Apart from otak-otak, we also had some pork satay at that street. We didn't eat much as we need to rush back to Malacca for dinner. Yeah, nice dinner awaiting us in Malacca. Back in Malacca, we had steamed cod fish, suckling pig, deep fried calamari, etc. In short, expensive dinner but I was a little to full to fully enjoy it.

The traffic Muar is fine but coming back to KL was quite a nightmare. The traffic was extremely heavy even when it was still second day of Raya. It was a back to back drive, and at times I was only driving at about not more than 80kmph. Then next day, some business associate treated us lunch at some chinese restaurant in Jaya 33. Su think the lunch this time is better than the one we had in Oriental the last time. But anyhow, I'm quite bored with these kind of chinese lunch and food. In fact, I told her that I was not keen to join them for lunch, but alas, I still need to socialise and do some biz networking. These day, I been label by Su as an anti-social guy. I think it's because I mix too much with Mr Don! Mr Don is not really a friendly dog. He don't mix with the neighbor's cats and dogs. Mr Don only mix with pretty girls (human) and sometimes with me (afterall, I'm the one who always bring him out for joyride in the city). 


Okay, I will need to go back to work. Not exactly work, but more to compiling my holiday/business itinerary. I'm going off for a deep sea fishing this weekend, and next weekend, I will be off to ...

1) Going for afternoon dimsum and dinner at Sunday Chiu Chow King (三岛潮皇粤菜酒楼).
2) Going for my tangyuen desert.

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Work, work and work ...

Friday, September 19, 2008

It had been ages since I last blog anything. I think I had been working a lot since 1-2 months back. It's now mid of September, and I think I had been busy since end of July. In fact, I don't even remember the last time I had my black canyon coffee. I really hate it when work keep coming in, and there's no opportunity for me to rest. But I can't really complain much since the reward is tremendous. It's like the documentary The Deadliest Catch. When it's crab season, you just need to go out and catch as many as possible. Unlike Deadliest Catch, this work is not risky and you don't have to go out to the deep sea.

If you are wondering what has work to do with Mr Don? Well, everyone is busy working like a dog but the dog is busy having fun in the house. Mr Don sleep, play and eat all the time. Such a lucky little fella.

Okay, I hope the crab season will end soon. After this crab season, I will be going off to China again. China remind me of walking, walking and walking!

I just need a quiet beach vacation like Lanting or Pemanggil Island!!!!!!!

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Beauty & The Beast The Musical

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I had watch quite a number of musical and theater play and when the recent musical is in town. I decided to drag my other half to go watch it. We are suppose to go watch P Ramlee earlier of the month, but due to our tight work schedule, we decided to skip that and just go for Beauty and the Beast. There's lot of kids watching it that night, and it's really annoying when there's a small little girl sitting beside me, who keep asking question non-stop. At one point, I feel like telling her mother to shut her daughter up. But since we are civilized people, we decided to give them a break as it's a children musical after all. It was a surprise to see Jeremy and his girlfriend there. It was even more surprise when he told me that his parent is also there!

Beauty & The Casts - Taken during this light refreshment session before the show.

So that was all for end of June. After the show, it was work and work again. I did not even have the time to get my broken fishing rod replace. Maybe will buy another one, while send this broken one for replacement or repair. At the same time, I was also trying to buy a new running shoe, my old one didn't survive my China's trip (must be too alot of walking in extreme condition). Running shoe are not cheap nowadays and I have yet to find one that I like. I was thinking of getting one of those Nike one that can be use with Ipod. But then I'm still considering about it.

With this tight schedule lately, I had turn down lot of my friends request to hang out and watch movie together. It become so bad till some of them think I have some sort of problem. They think it's problem with my relationship, and one of them even send me sms to console me or whatever. I responded back with another sms, and then I was told not to be like Mr T and his singlehood's poison. Mr T, I think he must be badly hurt previously by some bad relationship, but then I have no problem with that. I always think for whatever shit God took from you, God gave me triple in return. Yeah, Kelly and David told me that long time ago. I have to admit, it's very true. I have more than triple whatever that I had loose.

Anyway, incase, you are wondering why I don't have time for hanging out together with my friends. It's because the hanging out turn out to be dull and predictable nowadays. If you know, I'm a rather spontaneous guy, who like new stuff, and new experiences. Check out the photo below and you will know what I mean.

Mr Ed dozing off when we were all hanging out at SS2 Wongkok Char Chan Teng. If you ever been there, you know it's bloody noisy, and yet ...

Another Mr #$@!^& dozing off when we were hanging out at Strawberry Cafe. Can you believe it?

Disclaimer: The above photos of friends dozing off is just an illustration of the writer's feeling. It may not reflect the true event or incident.

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Prison Break Hairstyle

Sunday, June 29, 2008

If you been watching Prison Break, you will realise all those guys had a similar hairstyle, and I realise it's sort of a trend recently that almost everyone I know or don't really know decided to change their hairstyle to a prison break hairstyle. One fine extremely hot day, I think I had enough of all this messy hairstyle, and I decided to ask the hair stylist to give me a crew cut! The hair stylist ask me they have number from 1 to 10. Well, it take alot of courage to change it (I dare you to do the same, if you think it's easy), and after a short consideration, I told the stylist that I want number 2. Okay, I didn't want to be the number 1 guy (number 2 is okay for me).

As I'm the only customer at the shop, the hair stylist been telling me alot about the tough life nowaday. He think it's not easy to earn a living nowaday especially when the petrol price is so expensive. Okay, it's not easy to earn a living nowaday, especially if you are only earning less than 2k per month. But still, I think I do have and know many people who earn less than that, and yet life still goes on for them. Maybe no family or wife, but still happy jolly life. But seriously, if you are earning only 2k per month, I think it's barely enough if you need to pay for house rental, car installment, petrol, food and entertainment. Maybe that's why alot of hongkies have 2 jobs, one full time, and one part time, such as driving cab. Sucky, right?


Living life nowaday is like Mr Don. Always hungry for better treats and newer toys. Not just the economy is sucky nowaday. The local politic scene is also sucky! There's news or maybe rumour that DSAI might get arrested by the police for some sodomy case again. If he is really guilty last time, he should not be release in the first place. But if he is been release, the public perception is he is been frame, and every smart tom dick and harry won't use the same trick twice. Remind me of what silly Taufik once said, it doesn't matter whether a plot is old as long as it work. Not in this case, I believe. I think the citizen is sick of something, and that's why there's a tsunami in the recent political landscape.

Like this afternoon, I was in KL, and there's so many riot police. I believe there's a riot going on somewhere (but didn't see any). The stupid police close so many roads, and in the end causing inconvenience to everyone. Imagine, I had to take one whole big round to go back to the place I'm going because all shortcut road had been closed. At one point, when I was stopping my car at the side of the road, one angry traffic police ask me to go off. I have to admit I been a little crook for taking my own sweet time because I know he won't give me a summon. You know why? Because he dare not give a summon to the car in front which has heavy modification, and the driver daring as ever, just leave the car there, while he is somewhere else. At one point, the traffic police is so pissed, till he show me his summon book on the air and showing me his hand (while mumbling something on his mouth). Well, I guess he is piss with something, especially when I think he is really affected by the recent fuel hike, and he can't protest because he is the law enforcer. So I decided to give him some face, and drove one big round again. By the time, I reach back there again, it's about to rain, and suddenly you see all the riot police and almost all the police rushing off (because it did rain heavily after that).

Why can't our local law enforcer be like those in Hong Kong or Singapore? What happen to professionalism? Geee ... maybe that's why we need to have the IPMC and if my government can't give me that, I might consider kicking them off their job!

Look like I'm one of the many disgruntle citizen who happen to blog ...

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Sucky Connection ...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The internet line is turning from bad to worst these day! Later today, I think I will call up the ISP support and give them hell.


Whenever me and Su Ling travel, we will always end up eating McD. So the previous trip when we was in Bangkok, we try their samurai pork burger, pineapple pie and yam pie. I can't imagine eating yam as a desert (Anyway, it was quite delicious). The recent banana toffee sundae at our local McD is also good! Unfortunately it's no longer available.


After doing this site for a while, it's finally going to be live soon ... time to release some stress?

Maybe smoke like this joker!

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Twin Tower

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just like the petrol price, the twin tower is really high!

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Watch Kung Fu Panda the other day ...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I have not been watching movie in the cinema for a long time, and I don't even remember the last movie I watch in the cinema. I had skip Indiana Jones, Rambo, Ironman, etc. You name it, and most probably I would have not watch in the cinema. But recently, in order to cheer up my depressing gf, I actually make an exception, I went to watch King Fu Panda. My gf is a little weird sometimes, she don't really enjoy Rambo (which is a good thing because I find it to be quite crappy as well). But when she drag me to watch Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, I get a shock of my life, since when she is keen to watch something so complex and deep. Anyway, I think our 2 other friend who join us for that movie, didn't really enjoy it. One of them like all sort of brainless action flick, so I guess this sort of genre didn't really suit him. This 2 friend always visit the cinema, and recently one of them even go watch Ironman twice. They are a big supporter to the cinema industry in Malaysia, whether it's a silly show like The Happening or Meet The Spartans, they will sure pay 11 bucks to watch it in the cinema. Sometimes I really envy them because I'm also very into watching movie (but recently have difficulty finishing even one movie and ended up watching the middle part or ending another day). Life is crap when you get older, I guess.

If you are wondering why the heck I'm so free now blogging crap ... it's because all my bandwidth is fully occupy, and both my computer processing power is also occupy with work. So better write this offline (with Windows Live Writer) while waiting for the uploading and downloading to finish.

Gee, I think I better go back to doing something more useful than writting more rubbish online ....

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Deactivated from Blogger (if didn't post for a long long time)

Monday, June 16, 2008

I decided to write something this morning as I realize I had not been blogging for a long long time. Even one of my online banking had been temporary deactivated (until I start using the account again). Then it occur to me, maybe if I didn't blog for a long time, maybe blogger might even deactivate me (or my reader will).

Friends decided to look for gold (by the river) in Semenyih one early Sunday morning. I wish I had took some photos of my previous trip to Paka. It was a good fishing trip. I broke my rod but caught many fish. Maybe will blog about that next time.

Mr Don, cute as ever, but not as loyal as last time. Last time when I was in Penang, whenever I work downstair or working in front of the TV, he will be sitting or sleeping nearby. Nowaday, he is not even close at sight. While I blog this, I think he is sleeping somewhere upstair (in some aircond room). Hmm, he didn't realise I'm the one who sponsor all his favorite chickie strip and greenies.

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Bangkok Post - Long Overdue ...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Finally had the chance to post some of the photos I took when I was attending the cabaret show in Calypso. I find it more entertaining than the puppet show I had the night before. Most of the pretty chicks you see in the show used to be a guy like me. If you are visiting Bangkok, you should not miss this show!

There's Japanese dance and song in the show (and also Korean, Bangkok, Chinese, Arab, etc).

Strip show as well ....

Interesting Cabaret show and of course some drama (like you see in the photos below).


Okay, that's all for now. If I didn't had lunch with Jeremy this afternoon, most probably I think I will still be too busy to write anything. Alot of things change in Sg Buloh. Even William is no longer around. I was told that he had now migrated to Batu Pahat for work and life. What happen to people like Ah Heng (aka Ah Tee), Stanley, Kelvin, Dillian, etc? William used to be my bak kut teh's kaki(s) too ... but I guess now I will need to find someone else. Jeremy don't really fancy Bak Kut Teh, I think. Today, the first thing he mention when I ask what to eat ... he instantly shout "Fish Head!".

Well, the fish head is good, tasty too...

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Bonjour from Bangkok

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Extremely lazy to write anything this weekend. Maybe too lazy when I was in SL's house (due to the hot weather).

Bangkok is hot unlike Guangzhou. I never remember a cool or windy Bangkok during my last trip there. This trip is no exception. The only time it's cooling was when it's raining. It rain when we were about to leave JJ Market and it also rain heavily after our cabaret show. More photos will be posted for the next post.

There's one reason why I like Bangkok more than Guangzhou, and it's because of coffee. In china, tea is everywhere, but in Bangkok is totally opposite. Everywhere I walk, I see a stall selling good coffee.

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2 more Days to Bangkok!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

After coming back from Sungai Petani last weekend. It's about time to use my passport again. As my previous trip to China is not really a vacation (too much walking and sort of business related). I'm going to take this opportunity to have as fun as possible in Bangkok before our business peak period in the next 2 month. Bangkok is something me and Su Ling are looking forward to. Pork Burger! Something that we didn't eat when we were in China. China McD only offer us some spicy chicken burger ... sigh.


McD's Pork Burger! Even the thoughts of it make me hungry now!


I been to Bangkok before, and this time, I plan to skip all the silly sightseeing. My plan is to see either the popular Calypso Cabaret show or Joe Louis Puppet show. Other than the 2 show, I only intend to use most of my time in "The Mother of All Market". 


Chatuchak Weekend Market - The mother of all market in Bangkok. Over there, you get to see Cowboys performing (maybe you will even get to see me performing if I need some spare change). Hidden somewhere in the market is a delicious blue mountain coffee stall. It's so good that even Black Canyon is no match. Okay, maybe I over exaggerate ... too much of BC ice coffee. Anyway, I'm very sure my crazy girlfriend will be buying tons and tons of stuff there. The last time she went with See Mun, she bought many boxes of @#*~!&@ ...

Leon (the greek from Aus) will be in town this weekend. Last time they took him to Penang. Well, this time I heard it will be some Island. Arrr .. if I don't have this Bangkok trip, I would rather go fishing in some island ...

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Tang Yuen

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


This is one of the many variety of tang yuen I had when I was in Guangzhou. Not much stuff to blog these day. Still trying to get more rest from moving around too much. A week or two after I came back from China, I actually made a trip up north to Sungai Petani. Alot of things change since I was there 10 years ago. This guy I know now run the hotel as chairman and unfortunately I didn't see or meet anyone I know. Anyway, I was only there for a while. To my surprise, there's even a Starbuck in SP now. Most likely I will be going there again for fishing someday soon.

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Forbidden City in Shenzhen?

Monday, April 14, 2008


A paronoma of Miniature Forbidden City in Shenzhen. We took train to Shenzhen from Guangzhou.


Train Station at Luohu District. In Shenzhen, our trip is all about eating and shopping. Apart from East Gate Shopping Center, the only exotic things we did was going for a leg massage.


Some miniature building inside Splendid China. The weather in Shenzhen is extremely hot compare to Guangzhou. Not a good weather for sight seeing. Next time, I think I will just drop by Shenzhen for a while (for eating only). This restaurant that I went serve one of the best Dim Sum I ever eat. They even serve fried rice that I think is one of the best I had eaten so far in my life! Exactly like what I saw in Cooking Master Boy (the anime).


Shenzhen is pretty developed compare to the place I came from. They have sophisticated public transport, wide road, many highrise and lot of people! Lot of fake money as well. My girlfriend almost got con with a fake note.


Tsingtao is pretty cheap in China, but I think the level of alcohol is quite low. No kick after drinking it.


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Guangzhou - The Journey So Far

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Luckily I didn't bring any summer clothing for this trip, as it turn out to be raining almost everyday in Guangzhou! It was raining season and with an average temperature of 18-26°C everyday. Taking photos is almost impossible as it's almost raining or cloudy each day. Apart from the lack of sunshine, the street is wet and muddy.

The first thing we did was to visit Bei Jing Lu (Beijing Road). It was madness as there's so many shops there. A shopping paradise for some people, but nightmare for me. After exploring almost a quarter of the shop there, I found something interesting in the middle of the road. There's an ancient road from Ming and Song Dynasty underneath Beijing Road.

Ancient Road @ Beijing Road 

I ask Su Ling to pose in front of the ancient road but unfortunately the photo turn out bad (due to cloudy and dark sky). The ancient road is actually underneath the glass panel.

Beijing Road @ Guangzhou

Apart from Beijing Road, we also went to Shang Xia Jiu Pedestrian Street. It's a shopping place like Beijing Road, but in a much smaller scale. of course other than Beijing Road, I had also visited the other places such as Comic City, Jade Market, Antique Market, etc. I even took this opportunity to eat their local McDonald's meal. The set meal is a grill chicken burger dipped in spicy sauce (Sichuan pepper) and milk tea (not coke). Quite spicy if you ask me. The food in Guangzhou is amazing! We had tang yuen almost every other day, street food, sichuan food and of course cantonese food.

Shang Xia Jiu Pedestrian St

Another interesting thing is I get to watch the latest TVB series on their TV. Their TV network is showing D.I.E. at the moment. Unfortunately, I don't have much time watching TV there as I need to spend all my time on business related matter, and sight seeing the city. I even saw a pickpocket incident while walking on the street. It's not only muddy and wet on the street, but also dangerous and dirty. Maybe the city is just too big, over populated, and the people are just desperate. Luckily we are not the victim (but what they say about beware of pickpocket and bag snatcher is true).

New TVB Series on TV

Jinlun Guild Hall 
After coming back, I did a research on this building, and I found out it's actually call Jinlun Guild Hall. It's actually 300 years old. Well, I think I was walking along the jade or craft market, and suddenly I found this old building. At least it's a bonus as I didn't get to go to "The Western Han Museum of the Nanyue King Mausoleum".

Tao Tao Ju Restaurant 

To compensate for that, I actually went to eat dim sum at one of the oldest restaurant in Guangzhou, Tao Tao Ju. But it's a short dim sum session, as we need to rush off to Shenzhen. Coming up next ... Shenzhen.

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