5 More Days To Paradise!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Another 5 more days and I will be off to Melaka, and then I will travel off to Mersing and Pekan. Well, I'm not so lucky like some other famous blogger, Kenny who get a free luxury vacation to Macau. But I think God have been very kind to me this time or maybe almost all the time!

Last week, my buddy, Taufik called me, and told me that he included me on this all expenses paid fishing trip! Aparently our friend, Uncle Mike is taking his friends from Europe on an annual fishing trip, and had invited us along. So, we will be going fishing for almost a week. Half the time in Pulau Pemanggil, off Mersing and another half the week fishing off Pekan. I'm so thankful as I been wanting to go for offshore fishing in that area, and suddenly I get a phone call, telling me that I been invited for this free trip!

In fact, I just got back to town, and have not even meet my friend for the trip itinerary. I was told that we will be fishing for Dorado, and I hope I get to encounter my first big fish, at least 5kg and above. This trip is the next best thing before going to places like Spartly or Luconia.

Look like I might be going travelling quite alot soon ... another business associate was suggesting on going to Bangkok or places like Prague for sightseeing and business sighting. Gee, just when I'm so fuel-up with work and biz ... all this distraction just come....

p/s : This picture of the place I'm going is not taken by me, but from this guy in Flickr.

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