Saturday, December 30, 2006

The fierce Mr Don! .... more stuff to blog later. Now the connection is dirt slow!

... continue from previous pause ... Mr Don's life is simple. At this hour, at about 3am, he is still awake. I think he need to go shit, that's why he keep coming up to me and scratch my leg. My response to Mr Don is "Go shit anywhere you want, and stop disturbing me!" .... and then he go off. If he is still persistent in disturbing me, I will usually take out my blue color ruler, and he know the sign. The blue ruler means get off or else I whack you sign.

You never know what a dog really want in life. Before I continue, I just turn my head around, and I saw Mr Don took one of his toy and off he play by himself.

Dog's life is real simple. Sleep, wake-up, shit, pee, play, want to go out for car ride, bark, disturb everyone in the house, eat and finally go back to sleep or hibernating. But I know Mr Don quite well in certain way, I manage to teach him new words like "Down", "Bang-bang" and soon the word "Roll". Whenever Mr Don need to take something from his cage, he will come and ask me to do it. But if he can get it himself, he will do it all by himself. At times, he almost destroy the whole cage, just to take one of his favorite bear. Mr Don is also a very jealous companion. Whenever Ah Su come and hug me, he will come and attack Ah Su. For a brain as small as Mr Don, I think he is rather smart as well. I used to play plenty of tricks on him, such as tricking him run upstair and then rush all the way down.

To be explain this in more details. Mr Don is a dog stuck in a house (which is like a jail to him). Whenever someone want to go out (such as me), he will rush to the door, hoping that I or we will bring him out for a car ride. There are times when I pretend that I want to go out, and start playing prank such as pressing the car alarm, and Mr Don will follow me and run like a mad dog. But these days, if he is upstair, he will poke his head out from the staircase, and look down to see whether I'm really going out or just playing prank. Another good example of his smart behavior is asking him to "sit", "hand", "down", etc. If Mr Don know that there's no treat or chocolate, he will just skip everything, do the "down" position and then turn his body away from you, looking at the opposite direction. But with chocolate, even before you say the word "sit" ... he already sit, take his hand out for you, and then lay down to the floor.

Well, that's Mr Don!

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