Evil Su, Hostel and Superman Returns ...

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Su is one evil woman! Whenever I think of the devil, her picture came into my mind. This is just how evil she is in my mind and heart! The photo below is really her true evil color.

Enough of evil su. See No Evil now!

The other day I was watching this movie by the director of Kill Bill. This movie Hostel is bloody violent and not really my cup of tea. Evil Su seem to enjoy watching it. Her favorite part of the movie is when the killer use the saw to cut off the other person. Violent and lot of naked scene, which is Su's cup of tea.

Today I watch Superman Returns, and guess what? Su actually cry! Which make me wonder ... how can an evil person cry when watching Superman Returns and not cry when watching Titanic? I guess she must be crying because she is too happy when Superman got beaten up by Lex Luther! And I bought Train Man from Speedy Video just now! Can't wait to watch this otaku ...

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