Fly Me To The Moon!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

 I realise I didn't blog for quite a while, all this work is killing me! It's so bad till I don't remember posting the video below. Looking at the style of writing, it's really weird I wrote it in such way. I thought Ah Su is the one posting it. But I don't think so la ...

I was reading Desmond's blog when I realise what he said about life is quite true. Life is quite routine and after a bad day, you go back, sleep, then wake up, it's another day. Or maybe it's a good day, you go back sleep, then you wake up, it's another day. The weekend also gone with a glimpse. I thought of going to Jazz festival, in fact Ah Su was talking about it weeks ago, but I guess either we are too lazy or too busy. Jeremy's birthday also gone ... but I guess I can only celebrate with him later as he was too busy for some of his friend's marriage. In fact, I was hoping that Siokster would come here, then we may go off to Pulau Payar, but alas she is also too lazy to drive here. I think she is opting for Singapore instead, so I guess my only option now is faster finish my work here, then go back KL find Jeremy so that we can party all night long! Nothing is better than a friday's night of partying and drinking all night long. Imagine, having a puff of cigarette while sipping your favorite liquer, while some sexy blokes walk past you, starring at you ;)

Dreaming again .... just like that stupid blue cockoo bird .... (flying off to the moon). Posted by Picasa

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