Addicted to Pu-erh

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Few days ago, a friend from Yunnan came visiting. This friend don't drink coke or coffee, he only drink tea. Okay, tea is not so bad, I drink tea too, so I ask him what kind of tea he drink. He told me that he only drink raw puerh, cook puerh, toucha, puerh cake, puerh candy and aged puerh. WAIT THE MINUTE .... it's not like he drink sencha, oolong, green tea or ceylon. He only want to drink one type of tea, and it's only puerh!

So, we ended up hoping many tea shop in KL and Melaka. Not to mention, he also give me puerh as gift. After so many days of drinking puerh in the morning, afternoon, evening and sometimes even at night ... now I'm having some sort of withdrawal symptom. Somehow this few days, I stop drinking coffee few times a day, but ended-up drinking puerh few times a day. Where did I find puerh to satisfy my addiction? Well, my girlfriend do have a collection of expensive cake and I started breaking it for brewing. I'm starting my addiction with her RM100 per piece cake. Although I'm not an expert in this type of tea, but I think I'm lucky to have drink more expensive cake, from very old tea to some rare tea. Of course I had also drink many cheap and loussy puerh in the past! Those that don't even deserve to go into my mouth (that's how loussy the tea is).

Okay, time to go back to my drink ....

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Currently I'm addicted to McDonalds

Saturday, December 08, 2007

I had my lunch, supper and coffee there. They are having some sort of promotion but my obsession is not the food but this sweet looking girl working at the drive-thru. She had all the quality of the perfect girl ... perfect smile and perfect in every aspect.

Okay, I don't think I'm that crazy. That's just my imagination.

Today, while having dinner, Taufik tell me about his new resolution which is he will try not to talk bad or about the negative aspect of a person. He will also ty not to talk too much, too fast, and .... well, I don't even remember what else but he did write all in a small piece of paper, and he carry it with him all the time (to remind him of that). Must be his new year resolution. Well, I don't even have any new year resolution. A woman even ask me what's my vision for my company, and I just tell her that I don't have vision for my company. Come to think of it, it's such a sad situation, especially when your company have no goal or vision, other than making more money. With so much money, I realise it only come with stress. Stress because you start to worry about the value of the money you have. The value is getting less due to inflation. Stress because you start to think that your girlfriend or wife is there to steal it all or to con it all. Stress because you start to think you might end up as a useless playboy flirting all your money away. And the stress just never reach an end.

Anyway, back to this friend, Taufik. He wanted to go fishing during the monsoon season and his female friend (not girlfriend aka it's a complicated thing) think it's dangerous. I told them, it's not that dangerous, afterall I'm the type who like to take risk. We never know what will happen tomorrow and we should live life like there's no tomorrow. His female friend intervene and said "Then we should just eat like there's no tomorrow".

Taufik just reply to her ... "You crazy ar, I don't want to die as a fat person. I want to be slim and good looking."

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

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Fishing @ Paka

Earlier this month I had a trip to Paka, Terengganu. The night before the trip, there is a big news about the flood, tidal waves, strong wind, moonson. Well, look at the news below ...

KOTA BARU: The east coast states will be hit by both the annual monsoon and “La Nina” this year.

A spokesman with the weather forecast regional office in Gong Kedak, Terengganu, said that Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang should brace themselves for unusually heavy rainfall, in a combination of the monsoon and “La Nina” effects.

The state flood relief committee has been put on standby in the face of the Meteorological Department's predictions of heavy rainfall in the next 72-hours.

The department also warned inshore fishermen in smallboats to take precautions in the face of 40km per hour winds and tidal waves reaching up to 2.5m.

Extracted from

That night, I remember something very important. I remember I'm the type of person who like to take risk, and seize the day! Look like I'm still the same old guy with some guts. So off I went to danger zone to comfront flood, tidal waves and whatever mother nature want to unleash. Afterall, we only live this life once, live it with no regret or live it like a coward.

After driving for hours, we finally reach Paka early in the morning. I'm hoping to see and experience rough sea (like those you see in Deadliest Catch) but the weather had never been better. In fact, it's more calm than the moment when I was out at sea in Port Klang (that was scary) or the night we went to Pulau Pemanggil, that was also very rough (it's like sitting on a pirate ship at amusement park). To be honest, I was lucky that time, by the time I was reaching Pulau Pemanggil, I was dead cold, burping (about to vomit), hungry and was glad that I'm a survivor that night! Well, Paka was like fishing in a very big calm lake but we are actually out at the sea. Anyway, we are not too far out from the mainland. You still get to see the mainland and Pulau Tenggol from a distance.

It was a good trip, except for some !#&^*@ ... I was working hard with my jigging but without any result. In the end, I just go and fish for some tuna. Even my buddy aka sifu also work very hard with his jigging. Also no result ... maybe it's because we are at the front of the boat. In the end, buddy aka sifu got pissed and went off to sleep. But I think he caught a corbia earlier, and as he unhook the fish, he was telling everyone that he want to release the fish (he's a catch and release guy). Some joker or maybe I should address him as bastard, just take a stick and whack the fish, while my buddy unhook the fish! Ignoring my buddy, that bastard just take the fish and throw into the icebox. That's not even a big corbia for god sake! Okay, at least I realise I'm quite a gentlemen or else I would have beat the shit out of him ... nar, I'm not a fighter, I'm a lover (just like Michael Jackson).

After fishing for one whole day, we had a few spanish mackerel (tenggiri), many-many tuna (tongkol), a few squid, and many small fishes including a table size grouper. It may just a silly fishing trip but I learn many stuff from this trip.

1) Don't ever trust the weatherman!!!!! Just trust and have faith in yourself!
2) Don't have to listen to another fisherman or "singalingam" ... everyone has their own fishing method, and it too can excel.
3) The list can just go on and on ... but I'm not going to be a "singalingam" here ...

The best part of that trip is not the fishing, but the nice weather, and eating nasi dagang! Did you know there's 7-11 in Paka? But there's no bacardi, beer or even condom in that 7-11! No wonder our singalingam friend went cuckoo staying there ... LOL!

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UFO in Malaysia?

Friday, November 02, 2007

Before I get to blog about Sai Baba, suddenly I get a email from someone in Facebook. Yes, I do have facebook as alot of business people are using it these day. Someone from India send me a message.


Hi Kevin,

I'm Rahul and I'm new on Facebook. I got online just to speak to a few Malay people and check if you've seen any UFOs in the Malaysian skies, or any Y Shapes in the night sky.

I know this might sound strange but for the last 5 days, there's been a UFO sighting in Calcutta, India everynight.

And there's this Malaysian gentleman who's been in touch with me about something similar. Have you seen or heard anything of this sort?

- Rahul


So do you think there's UFO in Malaysia? Go google about UFO sighting in Malaysia and you will find one recent sighting in Kuatan last month.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I remember there was once a time during my primary or secondary school, whereby I will just stick in front of the TV when they show this series. Apart from MacGyver, I also enjoy watching show like Nam, V, Mission Impossible and Magnum PI. But of course all that can't really beat my all time favorite, MacGyver. MacGyver inspired me remove all the parts from 386 and 486 PC. MacGyver also inspired me to build alot of other gadgets from other parts. Well, if you think know about this show, check out the video below ...

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Friday, October 26, 2007

During my previous island trip, my friends took us for crab hunting. It's not mud crab or sea crab but some sort of land based crab. Well, I don't know much about crab anyway. This is another type of crab and you can't get it at seafood restaurant. Anyway, I was told that it's a land based crab, also known as coconut crab aka island crab.

So imagine walking around in the dark at night, with your torch light, looking for these crabs. Once you found the crab, you point your flashlight at the crab and the stupid crab will stop moving. It's like freeze! You are under arrest! But sometimes the crab do run and it will either go inside the hole underneath or run all the way towards the forest or bushes.

So apart from plenty of fishes to eat, we had crab for dinner. Black pepper island crab! It's delicious and my favorite part of the crab is the big claw.

Then recently, when I was in Penang, we had another type of crab for dinner. Alaskan Spider Crab cook with cheese. That's also nice but don't come cheap. Well, of course you can't compare with those island crab that you need to catch yourself. One thing good about the Spider crab is the soft shell. I don't need to use a hammer but I can actually use a scissor to cut it.

No more crab for me for now. In fact, I don't think I will eat anymore crab or seafood at all due to health reason. The next time I eat crab, well, it will be Alaskan King Crab or nothing at all!

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No Fishing ...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

At 2am in the morning, I feel like torturing my gf's dog .... must be due to the no fishing for many days. Also quite sick as I get food poisoning from her contaminated pork chop and pork chop burger. Ever since that incident, I only feel like eating vegetable and very light dinner.

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Hikaru No Go

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Finally I manage to finish watching all 75 episode of this anime. Abit about Hikaru No Go ...

Plot Summary: Hikaru Shindo is just a normal 12 year old boy, but one day he's rumaging through his Grandfather's things to see if he can find something to sell and pulls out an old Go board. A ghostly apparation appears out of the board and tells Hikaru his sad story. His name is Sai Fujiwara, a man who was a Go instructor to the emperor of Japan a thousand years ago. However, because of bad sportsmanship of his opponent during a game, Sai was accused of cheating and banished from the city. With no livelihood or any other reason to live, Sai commited suicide by drowning himself. Now, he haunts a Go board, and wants to accomplish the perfect Go game, called the "Hand of God" which he hopes to do through Hikaru. If Hikaru will be able to do it or not (or even wants to) will have to be seen.

How come I ended up watching this ancient anime? It's because it's one of the top anime of all time and the character development is great. The only sad part is the manga version has a longer version while the anime one ended earlier.

I won't be watching any anime for now, might be watching Battle Programmer Shirase or Romance of The Three Kingdoms in the near future. Taufik is asking me for Hentai but unfortunately I don't watch hentai. I went running today and I have a feeling that I won't be able to run alot in the future, either the shoe is giving me problem, or the track or maybe it's the leg! I have this leg problem when I was running in the house when I was in Penang. If I can't run anymore, most probably I will need to look for another form of exercise. Su Ling want us to go into scuba diving, but I'm still considering. I realise we are into dangerous sport. Going out to sea is not about the seasick or the rough sea nowaday, but also threat from pirates! Although I have not encounter any, as I myself could be a pirate too ;) but I read alot about other deep sea angler encountering pirates ship. Imagine you have a father and mother who is into all this dangerous sport like deep sea fishing, scuba diving, etc. Maybe you will end up been a nerd or geek as you dislike your parent's activity. Well, I'm not sure about Su Ling's scuba diving, maybe it's just like climbing Mount Kinabalu, it might end up as a forgotten dream.

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From Pemanggil Island to Pekan ...

Sunday, October 07, 2007

It had been a busy week since coming back from Pemanggil Island and Pekan. I never really had time to update anything or write anything here. Anyway, I can't use or write too much about it as my buddy, Taufik would be writting about it all in the magazine. Even photos, I can't use any unless it's bad quality ones. In fact, the one you see it here are all rejected version, either too blur or not relevant.

That's me on the photo above, fighting with the Pekan Sail Fish. It's a spectacular sight, seeing the sailfish jumping into the air!

This is the island where I stay during the first part of the trip. The pathway connect the village or my chalet to another village in the island. I stay in Kampung Buah and that path lead to Kampung Pontianak (also known as Vampire Village). A lady vampire used to stay there long time ago. You can google about the story as I won't be writing about it here. Talking about supernatural stuff, I was lucky to be invited to house of an Avatar. It's an eyes and mind opening trip, and that's another story. Watch out for my posting on Sai Baba ... in the near future.

Without the polarizing lens, you won't be able to see dark blue sea and dark blue skies. You can actually compare the photo above and the one below. Notice the sea is white (full with relection) below. That's my friend, Taufik above, excited as he's using his light action rod on a Dorado. I never know his ultra light ugly stick can actually bring up an average size dorado! Even with a medium heavy rod, it's not easy for me to bring up those crazy dorado. By the way, I'm using a Daiwa Monster Mesh rod, and Taufik actually use a rod that he always use for his pond fishing! He must be thinking that he is fishing in a big pond. Anyway, he manage to control and bring up that fish.

This is the people who make this trip possible. There's another guy, Robert, who is not in this photo. Plenty of good fishing, good food, good beer, good wine and of course good company! In fact, I have not even go for any fishing since coming back. Maybe I will go back to running first, before going for another big monster meshing.
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5 More Days To Paradise!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Another 5 more days and I will be off to Melaka, and then I will travel off to Mersing and Pekan. Well, I'm not so lucky like some other famous blogger, Kenny who get a free luxury vacation to Macau. But I think God have been very kind to me this time or maybe almost all the time!

Last week, my buddy, Taufik called me, and told me that he included me on this all expenses paid fishing trip! Aparently our friend, Uncle Mike is taking his friends from Europe on an annual fishing trip, and had invited us along. So, we will be going fishing for almost a week. Half the time in Pulau Pemanggil, off Mersing and another half the week fishing off Pekan. I'm so thankful as I been wanting to go for offshore fishing in that area, and suddenly I get a phone call, telling me that I been invited for this free trip!

In fact, I just got back to town, and have not even meet my friend for the trip itinerary. I was told that we will be fishing for Dorado, and I hope I get to encounter my first big fish, at least 5kg and above. This trip is the next best thing before going to places like Spartly or Luconia.

Look like I might be going travelling quite alot soon ... another business associate was suggesting on going to Bangkok or places like Prague for sightseeing and business sighting. Gee, just when I'm so fuel-up with work and biz ... all this distraction just come....

p/s : This picture of the place I'm going is not taken by me, but from this guy in Flickr.

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Continue from West Port....

Friday, August 31, 2007

That's me at the bow. We were doing bottom fishing that day and the it was cloudy and windy that day.

Facing the storm at the sea. I taken this from out boat. No fish take my bait that day. My friend, the ranger caught an extremely small 'kurau'. While the other 2 uncle caught a few variety of small fish such as 'ikan katak', ray, 'ikan merah' and .... well, too small to remember. I should be happy with those big snakehead I caught. Sea is even tougher than I thought. Anyway, I'm running out of free time to go fishing, that's why if I ever get a chance to fish, I must make sure it's the most productive one else PLEASE DON'T WASTE MY PRECIOUS / EXPENSIVE TIME ! It's not casting exercise to me, I would rather go running than doing casting as exercise ;)

Luckily Ah Su is not against fishing like some of those uncle I know. Imagine when the phone ring, the uncle will tell lies like he is having meeting or going for site visit (yeah, fishing site visit). The uncle will come fishing with his office working attire and then have a spare clothes to change. He will change into his fishing attire and after fishing, change back to his working attire to go back home. The uncle can't even bring his fish back home. He would keep at someone's house and collect it the next day by telling his wife that so-and-so give him that fish. Poor fella, it's not like he is going flirting or clubbing or whatever. I wonder what he will tell his wife when he smell like fish.

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Fishing at West Port

I finally had a chance to move out from land based fishing and went into sea fishing. Prior to this, I had a chance to experience fishing at the estuary at a place close to this area. So, this is it ... on August 23, I finally had a chance to experience rough sea, rain and fishing at the sea. By about 7am, we reach the jetty somewhere near West Port in Klang.

The morning view was beautiful, I find this boy sitting at the boat very inspiring. Perhaps, he is thinking about his future.

The morning sun above and the fishing gear that we used for this trip. I think the gear we are using are too heavy as there's not much fish that day. I didn't expect too much from this trip as it's not easy to get fish nowaday. That's why I'm looking forward to major trip such as Spartly Islands or Luconia in the near future. Afterall, port klang is the nearest sea I can get at the moment, nearby my home. Of course, there's still Penang and it's nearby sea for me to explore.

Ranger asleep. This is the guy who show me how to pull up the anchor and pee from the boat. Peeing from the boat is really an art. Imagine those musical water fountain you saw in Sentosa or Bugis Junction.

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Ouch ...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ouch ... the fish was biting me when I was holding it many months ago in Melaka. I been doing so much fishing since then and I have no problem holding the fish ever since. Okay, maybe except for some big fish like giant snakehead. The look is kinda scary.

No more fishing story, I'm planning to go back to working hard and building another business. While walking at the street market last night, I realise life can be exciting and spicy if you have tons and tons of good looking super model girlfriend. Life is short, and you may end up dying from high blood pressure or some other disease. I plan to sell off my car and change to a two seater car soon!!!! Any good suggestion?

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Air Kuning Again ...

Friday, August 10, 2007

This is the only Peacock Bass caught by me that day. The whole place is like a bloody hot desert. That's a bad fishing day! No bite at all! A friend told me that they are going to some hidden spot. Hidden spot, my foot! Most probably hard to access spot but I still see some old Toyota car, so I guess it's not that hard to access too.

Rather sleep at home on that Sunday (just like this bird). When I was busy taking photos of this bird, the bird just open the eyes stared at me, and then went back to sleeping. I wonder how in the world this bird actually sleep under such a hot sun. Maybe it's going for sunbathing rather than sleeping.

From dusk till dawn, I was at that Air Kuning last Sunday. A photo of my friend hoping to catch some fish before the day end. No, I don't think I want to go back there anymore. There's lot of fishing spot near the place I stay with plenty of fish. I think Air Kuning is over rated :)

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Monday, August 06, 2007

My friend caught the 2nd biggest snakehead (Haruan) after casting non-stop with his 8ft rod. 3 of fishes got away, one even jump up the water and got off from his hook while he was reeling it back. He continue to cast at the same old location in the picture above, took a break after casting non-stop for the whole evening. Then nearby, he decided to cast again near my fishing spot, and then caught his fish of the day.

Mr James (aka Fat Rap) was fishing all over the spot and still get nothing. When he is resting nearby us, he told us that he didn't want to have zero for the day, and then he continue casting again. His fish, a snakehead was the biggest that day. That monster was at least 2kg. His light rod didn't have the power to bring up the fish, and Mr James actually jump down into the water to drag his fish up! He too caught it nearby my fishing spot.

I didn't get a big fish that day but I think I'm lucky as I caught a Bujok that day. Bujok also known as Forest Snakehead is quite rare and the size I'm getting is not that small, but still have not reach 1kg. After taking a group photo, I release it back into the water. I'm consider lucky in fishing as I been catching lot of snakehead lately, from small to big snakehead at all over the places. I even caught a forest snakehead and a peacock bass recently. I always release the fish as I'm a firm believer in catch and release. Yesterday I release a peacock bass and I think the rest of the angler were slightly dissapointed as they think I throw their dinner away. It's not easy to catch a good size Peacock Bass at Air Kunning and I was lucky to catch one with my spoon. Spoon is actually a type of lure, not the spoon we use for eating. I think those angler that I was with yesterday claim that they are into catch and release but in reality I think they just want to release into their STOMACH! One even think of using fish trap. This make me think, do they fish because they love the sport or they fish because of the meat. Mind you, they are not poor brat. If they are like orang asli, and they need the meat, I would understand. The fishing equipment they are using are highly expensive one. Even one rod is enough for you to eat at least a few soon hock or expensive fish in expensive chinese restaurant. Those lures they are using are also not cheap and they almost lost at least 2-3 that day. For the price of the lures (artificial fish/frog) they are using, I think I can even go to my favorite german restaurant and have my mixed grill + german beer with my love ones.

With such expensive gear, are you into fishing for the meat or the fun?

p/s : you don't need expensive gear for the meat.

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Blue Dragon

Friday, August 03, 2007

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Photographer of the Year

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My friend, Jeremy recently join this competition for the Photographer of the Year contest and above is just one of his many masterpieces. I wanted to join the competition too, but I don't think I have any impressive photos at all other than many shots of my girlfriend. Apart from photography competition, I'm also keen to join some fishing competition such as U5 also known as Ultraman Challenge, but the competition had been postponed.

Rather than competing, I took my girlfriend to watch The King And I last weekend. I had a discounted ticket from Toyota and they gave me 2 VIP seat! I had watch quite a few musical or theatre performances in the past such as The Forbidden City, Miss Saigon, Singin' In The Rain and Rashomon, but it was quite far from the stage! This time, I'm sitting at the first row, the conductor is just in front of me, and the stage is also just right in front and it was one hell of an experience to see the performer and the orchestra so near.

And today, Leanne treat me Black Canyon Coffee. I think I found my favorite coffee joint. I'm so tired of Starbuck these day. She and Taufik laugh when I told them that I went to see musical with my girlfriend. They never think I'm the kind of person who appreciate art and musical performances. They must be thinking that I'm just a typical "Mafia" ... if you know what I mean.

No, like my friend, Jeremy. I love musical, art, museum, wine ... nar, I'm more of a coffee and tea drinker. I'm also into sportfishing, running, and hiking. I got a feeling that my next outdoor trip will be with orang asli going into some deep virgin jungle for some sportfishing activity.

Gosh, it's raining cat and dog here! I better finish off my friend's work. I'm helping him doing some presentation for a talk later today.
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A cup of tea after running

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Another day of running back to health. For the past few days, I had actually turn down many invitation to party at club, pub, eating supper, smoking, cigar, and eating good food. Delicious food are usually extremely oily with tons of unhealthy ingredient. Not easy to say no to all those, especially those who invite you, will start laughing or think that I'm joking. Enjoy life, and you may actually live a shorter happier life. Although it can be real LAME and PATHETIC if you actually work hard (or maybe you think you are working hard), didn't get to enjoy life, and still die young due to some unforseen circumstances.

I usually run 1-2 round, then go for some sit-up exercise and then go back for additional running, and then sit-up again. But sometimes I may just skip the 2nd round of sit-up exercise. Well, still lack of the motivation and mental power to go do the extreme. I'm actually planning to go for some mountain walk in the near future with some semi-retiree. It would be embrassing when a young punk like me, can't finish the walk or fainted half way. Maybe I might drag my buddy, Jeremy and his girlfriend along for the walk. The last time, his extremely hardcore girlfriend actually make it up the waterfall without even taking a rest, while I almost fainted and die along the way. Talk about stamina ....

The above photo is taken using Olympus E-500, f3.5, 1/2 sec, ISO 400 and is actually a cup of chinese rou gui tea. I'm not a big fan of chinese tea and there's only a few type that I drink, unlike my rich friend, who only drink Da Hong Pao and Rou Gui all the time. And nothing beats drinking a cup of hot tea after running like shit :)

Chance favors the prepared mind. Just remember this very important quote. What happen when you see an unknown girl sitting in front of your gate at 3am in the morning?

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Ghost or Human?

Sunday, July 01, 2007

After watching too much Supernatural and Prison Break lately, I finally encounter some supernatural event.

It happen just now when I came home, as usual, I will open the gate via my remote control, and drive into the car porch. While driving in, there's a girl sitting at the pavement beside the gate and she stared at me, while I stared at her. Once inside, I closed the gate, and started giving my mum a call, telling her that there's a girl wearing white t-shirt and black short, sitting alone just outside our house. Of course, I was still inside my car (locked) and started thinking if I actually see a ghost or what. My brain did a quick analysis, maybe she's my brother or sister's friend. But if she is, then where the hell is my brother and sister. Then I started thinking maybe she's those kind of supernatural stuff.

If she's supernatural stuff, then why I get to see her and why my house, I started asking myself. For a moment, I got pissed off, got out from the car, and started staring at her but she didn't look back, she was sitting still, staring at the opposite of the house. Then I decided to ignore her, and open the door into the house, and there's my brother and mother about to come out.

They keep asking the girl ... "girl, girl, why are you sitting there?". I was about to call the police, when my brother rush in, to tell me that she is his ex-collegue, and .... it's another exorcist story.

Anyway, it's one hell of a long story from here onward. After this incident, I realise I'm one fucking angry dude, and even if she is a ghost or my ex-gf(s) or current turn into ghost to come seeking for revenge, I'm going to beat the shit out of them. (Thanks to my current gf for telling me story of wearing red and commiting sucide story). Fear is a just a state of the mind, and it's what you choose to believe. LOL ....

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Another story about Machap

Friday, June 22, 2007

Some uncle sleeping under the tree while waiting for the fish to bite his bait. I think he is Uncle Seng, if I'm not wrong.

James's daughter posing with the Rohu caught by Uncle Seng.

This is James with a Haruan (not caught by him) and he is not the father of the above girl.

I didn't really catch anything from that place, except for some small baby toman (baby giant snakehead). But I did catch a few snakehead from other places, and "Rod Ranger" actually certify that I'm now officially pass for snakehead fishing.
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Dog Masturbating in the living room!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

While in Penang recently, I did a home video project.

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Back To Nature!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Some unethical angler left their drink beside the lake.

A beauty that caught my attention.

This is Su Ling! Never know I can see it so clearly ... LOL!

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