Monday, April 24, 2006

Khoo Huan Kongsi in Penang. You need to pay RM5 to visit this kongsi and I realise non of my 'khoo' friends have their name on the scholar plaque in one of the room! Not so interesting! Snake Temple is the worst! No Snake at all! Only 2 snake beside the altar. The Tour Guide suck big time!

Day One
- Kuan Yin Temple (Boring ...)
- Cannot find Baba Nyonya Heritage house (either tour guide got confuse or that place is permanently closed)
- Huan Kongsi (Pay RM5 to see a kongsi and plenty of Khoo ancestor photos, no story like Blue Mansion, restoration not as good as Blue Mansion and that place is still renovating!)
- Reach Fort Cornwalis. Didn't want to pay to enter the fort! Must blame it all on War Museum! I remember paying RM20 to see rubbish!
- Snake Temple (You gotta be kidding me! Where's the snake! I guess snake must be hiding under my friend's pant).
- Dinner at Genting Hill! Far and dangerous! Imagine eating with bugs and moths! It was about 9pm when we reach that hill, so nothing much to see! Feel like kicking the tour guide :)
- Walking pass SS (not the Nazi but Slipery Senorita!). Saw 3 gorgeous looking chick driving merz to some disco. Unfortunately we ended up at SOHO! From Black Eye Peas at SS, we ended up with YMCA at SOHO! Gosh! I'm not old and gay!
- Go back and sleep! After all the above sucky tour, this is the best! Nothing beat a good night sleep!

Day Two
- Lunch at Uncle Ho but Uncle Ho went to sell DVD, and abandon his food business (Kidding). Pizza at US Pizza. No wonder there is no US Pizza in Klang Valley! We waited more than 30 minutes for the drinks and bread! The guy who take order, also prepare the pizza, answer the phone call, and do delivery! But the pizza is not too bad compare to Pizza Hut. No Tabasco Sauce but who need stupid tabasco when you have chili flakes.
- Ke Lok Si Temple. Tour Guide suck big time again! Imagine climbing lot of stair, reach section A, then descend the stair, climb lot of stair to reach section B ... only to realise it's the wrong way to section B! Then you descend the stair, climb lot of stair to reach section A again, and realise that you need to pay to go to section B! Section B is the pagoda! This temple is really commercialise! And if you want to see the bronze Kuan Yin, you also need to pay! I must complain to my godmother, Kuan Yin someday about this!
- Send the sucky tour guide back home to sleep and we go back KL!

What about English Tea at E&O? Vacation rating is half star out of 5 star.

Next time, I must organise everything myself such as steamboat in Cameron Highland, fishing in Taman Negara, diving in Pulau Kapas, etc.

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