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Sunday, August 06, 2006

The last time I posted on this blog was about Densha Otoko. Now it's also Densha Otoko. Not the movie but the series. The TV series is better than the movie. Now I'm into Japanese girl. In fact, nowaday I find chinese girl quite dull. Talk about dull, now I also find my relationship dull. No more spice. In fact there are times when I want to ask for a break. But that's another blog story. Story of how eagle flying off from the chicken hut.

Back to Densha. Densha Otoko is the best love story I watch this year. Ah Su told me that Lakehouse is also good, but I can't comment until I watch it. You won't know how good is Densha Otoko until you watch it yourself. Talking about Densha, my comment is definetely 'Suki Des'! After watching Densha, I think I know myself better. Sometimes I wonder if I'm an Otaku, well, I'm in a way an otaku. Otaku need to find Japanese girl and not chinese girl! ** hinting **

Other than Densha, I also manage to find time to watch The Dance of Passion (TVB drama). That one is really over-rated. Again it's really about Gigi and Bowie. The ending is not too bad but the show is just too long. I also manage to finish off watching another TVB series called Forensic Heroes. I skip quite a few episode here and there, but still manage to get the story. In fact, watching the stupid idiot box is no longer entertaining for me! The next time I go travel, other than my notebook, I need to bring my PS2 along. The stupid notebook is just not too powerful enough to play game. Unless I go buy one new PC in PC Fair tomorrow.

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