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Friday, September 29, 2006

I found this in Ah Su's store room. It's an old autograph book. Those kiddon book that you ask your friends and teachers to write and sign something when you were in primary school.
I was going through the book, pretty boring until I come across Siokster page. Siokster is Ah Su's best friend and I didn't know Siokster was once a kiddo writting all this funny little poem. In fact, I think they must be quite young when they wrote this autograph book as the vocalbuary are quite limited.

Even the poem is outdated and there's a ice cream corner in the book. I think even as kids, they must really enjoy ice cream. I wonder if Sean have an autograph book like Ah Su. Or perhaps Sean already dump that book away to show that he is already a macho grown-up like me :) Posted by Picasa

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