Monday, August 07, 2006

My Favorite Don!

Yesterday the neighbour dog is really noisy! It was as if the stupid dog see ghost. Anyway, it's the 7th month, and everything is possible. In fact, how can you be so sure (if there's no ghost) when there's so many possibilities in this world!

I don't care if the dog is barking. Maybe there's thief or cats, but this stupid dog is howling. I was so pissed off till I decided to watch Inside Man. Luckily I didn't listen to that Silly Su (SS). Inside Man is quite nice, better than Poseidon or those B grade movies that SS love. SS taste is really bad. I remember watching Hostel with SS! Bloody violent. In the end, I can only say SS must be crazy.

Anyway, the puppy in the photo is Crazy Don. Crazy Don is my favorite all time puppy. Hyperactive and always want to play. Nothing compare to some lazy poodle or violent noisy dog. The only time crazy Don bark is when you tie him up and didn't want to play with him. If it's not for the pee and shit, I would have buy us (me and Su) a puppy like crazy Don.

Silly Su is quite lazy. I got a feeling that I will be the one cleaning up the shit when the fun is over. Why lazy? Silly Su cook dinner yesterday and she claim that it's a nice lovely dinner. The first thing that came into my mind was something that her friend, Fiona would cook .... complicated meal. In the end, guess what? We had can food! Can Food! Red bean with egg, luncheon meat, roasted pork (bought from market) and meatball soup. Shit! All meat which is 100% NO-NO for me! Can food! And earlier she ask me whether I want to eat dinner tonight? I ask her what is she cooking. She tell me Sardines with rice! She is even more lazy than my mum! My answer is NO-NO! I rather eat something else. I'm not picky with food, but why want to eat something that you been eating so alot throughout your childhood, and now with a wonderful girlfriend, and you still eat this kind of !@#&^@%!!!!!

Tonight, if I come back early from Ipoh, I plan to eat at some German restaurant or maybe some sushi.

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