Thursday, September 14, 2006

Grand Palace in Bangkok. I was in Bangkok last weekend. The first place I visited was the grand palace and emerald temple. Then it was another ancient temple nearby the river. At night, I went to the biggest night market in the city. Bought myself a fake birkenstock sandal. I think before that I was in Chinatown for a while.

Next day, I went to the weekend market, and got myself a triangle pillow, bought a fake croc beach sandal and 2 T-shirt. Had plenty of thai food. Even went to Siam Paragon to explore the branded stuff. Overall, the food in Bangkok is quite cheap. You must be wondering how come I was in Bangkok last weekend. It all started when Ah Su think she should go explore those cheap products in Bangkok, and decided to book and buy ticket last Wednesday night. Then Saturday, I was already in Bangkok walking like mad! Posted by Picasa

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