Fishing at West Port

Friday, August 31, 2007

I finally had a chance to move out from land based fishing and went into sea fishing. Prior to this, I had a chance to experience fishing at the estuary at a place close to this area. So, this is it ... on August 23, I finally had a chance to experience rough sea, rain and fishing at the sea. By about 7am, we reach the jetty somewhere near West Port in Klang.

The morning view was beautiful, I find this boy sitting at the boat very inspiring. Perhaps, he is thinking about his future.

The morning sun above and the fishing gear that we used for this trip. I think the gear we are using are too heavy as there's not much fish that day. I didn't expect too much from this trip as it's not easy to get fish nowaday. That's why I'm looking forward to major trip such as Spartly Islands or Luconia in the near future. Afterall, port klang is the nearest sea I can get at the moment, nearby my home. Of course, there's still Penang and it's nearby sea for me to explore.

Ranger asleep. This is the guy who show me how to pull up the anchor and pee from the boat. Peeing from the boat is really an art. Imagine those musical water fountain you saw in Sentosa or Bugis Junction.

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