Friday, October 26, 2007

During my previous island trip, my friends took us for crab hunting. It's not mud crab or sea crab but some sort of land based crab. Well, I don't know much about crab anyway. This is another type of crab and you can't get it at seafood restaurant. Anyway, I was told that it's a land based crab, also known as coconut crab aka island crab.

So imagine walking around in the dark at night, with your torch light, looking for these crabs. Once you found the crab, you point your flashlight at the crab and the stupid crab will stop moving. It's like freeze! You are under arrest! But sometimes the crab do run and it will either go inside the hole underneath or run all the way towards the forest or bushes.

So apart from plenty of fishes to eat, we had crab for dinner. Black pepper island crab! It's delicious and my favorite part of the crab is the big claw.

Then recently, when I was in Penang, we had another type of crab for dinner. Alaskan Spider Crab cook with cheese. That's also nice but don't come cheap. Well, of course you can't compare with those island crab that you need to catch yourself. One thing good about the Spider crab is the soft shell. I don't need to use a hammer but I can actually use a scissor to cut it.

No more crab for me for now. In fact, I don't think I will eat anymore crab or seafood at all due to health reason. The next time I eat crab, well, it will be Alaskan King Crab or nothing at all!

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