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Friday, August 31, 2007

That's me at the bow. We were doing bottom fishing that day and the it was cloudy and windy that day.

Facing the storm at the sea. I taken this from out boat. No fish take my bait that day. My friend, the ranger caught an extremely small 'kurau'. While the other 2 uncle caught a few variety of small fish such as 'ikan katak', ray, 'ikan merah' and .... well, too small to remember. I should be happy with those big snakehead I caught. Sea is even tougher than I thought. Anyway, I'm running out of free time to go fishing, that's why if I ever get a chance to fish, I must make sure it's the most productive one else PLEASE DON'T WASTE MY PRECIOUS / EXPENSIVE TIME ! It's not casting exercise to me, I would rather go running than doing casting as exercise ;)

Luckily Ah Su is not against fishing like some of those uncle I know. Imagine when the phone ring, the uncle will tell lies like he is having meeting or going for site visit (yeah, fishing site visit). The uncle will come fishing with his office working attire and then have a spare clothes to change. He will change into his fishing attire and after fishing, change back to his working attire to go back home. The uncle can't even bring his fish back home. He would keep at someone's house and collect it the next day by telling his wife that so-and-so give him that fish. Poor fella, it's not like he is going flirting or clubbing or whatever. I wonder what he will tell his wife when he smell like fish.

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