Ghost or Human?

Sunday, July 01, 2007

After watching too much Supernatural and Prison Break lately, I finally encounter some supernatural event.

It happen just now when I came home, as usual, I will open the gate via my remote control, and drive into the car porch. While driving in, there's a girl sitting at the pavement beside the gate and she stared at me, while I stared at her. Once inside, I closed the gate, and started giving my mum a call, telling her that there's a girl wearing white t-shirt and black short, sitting alone just outside our house. Of course, I was still inside my car (locked) and started thinking if I actually see a ghost or what. My brain did a quick analysis, maybe she's my brother or sister's friend. But if she is, then where the hell is my brother and sister. Then I started thinking maybe she's those kind of supernatural stuff.

If she's supernatural stuff, then why I get to see her and why my house, I started asking myself. For a moment, I got pissed off, got out from the car, and started staring at her but she didn't look back, she was sitting still, staring at the opposite of the house. Then I decided to ignore her, and open the door into the house, and there's my brother and mother about to come out.

They keep asking the girl ... "girl, girl, why are you sitting there?". I was about to call the police, when my brother rush in, to tell me that she is his ex-collegue, and .... it's another exorcist story.

Anyway, it's one hell of a long story from here onward. After this incident, I realise I'm one fucking angry dude, and even if she is a ghost or my ex-gf(s) or current turn into ghost to come seeking for revenge, I'm going to beat the shit out of them. (Thanks to my current gf for telling me story of wearing red and commiting sucide story). Fear is a just a state of the mind, and it's what you choose to believe. LOL ....

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