UFO in Malaysia?

Friday, November 02, 2007

Before I get to blog about Sai Baba, suddenly I get a email from someone in Facebook. Yes, I do have facebook as alot of business people are using it these day. Someone from India send me a message.


Hi Kevin,

I'm Rahul and I'm new on Facebook. I got online just to speak to a few Malay people and check if you've seen any UFOs in the Malaysian skies, or any Y Shapes in the night sky.

I know this might sound strange but for the last 5 days, there's been a UFO sighting in Calcutta, India everynight.

And there's this Malaysian gentleman who's been in touch with me about something similar. Have you seen or heard anything of this sort?

- Rahul


So do you think there's UFO in Malaysia? Go google about UFO sighting in Malaysia and you will find one recent sighting in Kuatan last month.

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