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Sunday, October 07, 2007

It had been a busy week since coming back from Pemanggil Island and Pekan. I never really had time to update anything or write anything here. Anyway, I can't use or write too much about it as my buddy, Taufik would be writting about it all in the magazine. Even photos, I can't use any unless it's bad quality ones. In fact, the one you see it here are all rejected version, either too blur or not relevant.

That's me on the photo above, fighting with the Pekan Sail Fish. It's a spectacular sight, seeing the sailfish jumping into the air!

This is the island where I stay during the first part of the trip. The pathway connect the village or my chalet to another village in the island. I stay in Kampung Buah and that path lead to Kampung Pontianak (also known as Vampire Village). A lady vampire used to stay there long time ago. You can google about the story as I won't be writing about it here. Talking about supernatural stuff, I was lucky to be invited to house of an Avatar. It's an eyes and mind opening trip, and that's another story. Watch out for my posting on Sai Baba ... in the near future.

Without the polarizing lens, you won't be able to see dark blue sea and dark blue skies. You can actually compare the photo above and the one below. Notice the sea is white (full with relection) below. That's my friend, Taufik above, excited as he's using his light action rod on a Dorado. I never know his ultra light ugly stick can actually bring up an average size dorado! Even with a medium heavy rod, it's not easy for me to bring up those crazy dorado. By the way, I'm using a Daiwa Monster Mesh rod, and Taufik actually use a rod that he always use for his pond fishing! He must be thinking that he is fishing in a big pond. Anyway, he manage to control and bring up that fish.

This is the people who make this trip possible. There's another guy, Robert, who is not in this photo. Plenty of good fishing, good food, good beer, good wine and of course good company! In fact, I have not even go for any fishing since coming back. Maybe I will go back to running first, before going for another big monster meshing.
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