A cup of tea after running

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Another day of running back to health. For the past few days, I had actually turn down many invitation to party at club, pub, eating supper, smoking, cigar, and eating good food. Delicious food are usually extremely oily with tons of unhealthy ingredient. Not easy to say no to all those, especially those who invite you, will start laughing or think that I'm joking. Enjoy life, and you may actually live a shorter happier life. Although it can be real LAME and PATHETIC if you actually work hard (or maybe you think you are working hard), didn't get to enjoy life, and still die young due to some unforseen circumstances.

I usually run 1-2 round, then go for some sit-up exercise and then go back for additional running, and then sit-up again. But sometimes I may just skip the 2nd round of sit-up exercise. Well, still lack of the motivation and mental power to go do the extreme. I'm actually planning to go for some mountain walk in the near future with some semi-retiree. It would be embrassing when a young punk like me, can't finish the walk or fainted half way. Maybe I might drag my buddy, Jeremy and his girlfriend along for the walk. The last time, his extremely hardcore girlfriend actually make it up the waterfall without even taking a rest, while I almost fainted and die along the way. Talk about stamina ....

The above photo is taken using Olympus E-500, f3.5, 1/2 sec, ISO 400 and is actually a cup of chinese rou gui tea. I'm not a big fan of chinese tea and there's only a few type that I drink, unlike my rich friend, who only drink Da Hong Pao and Rou Gui all the time. And nothing beats drinking a cup of hot tea after running like shit :)

Chance favors the prepared mind. Just remember this very important quote. What happen when you see an unknown girl sitting in front of your gate at 3am in the morning?

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