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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My friend, Jeremy recently join this competition for the Photographer of the Year contest and above is just one of his many masterpieces. I wanted to join the competition too, but I don't think I have any impressive photos at all other than many shots of my girlfriend. Apart from photography competition, I'm also keen to join some fishing competition such as U5 also known as Ultraman Challenge, but the competition had been postponed.

Rather than competing, I took my girlfriend to watch The King And I last weekend. I had a discounted ticket from Toyota and they gave me 2 VIP seat! I had watch quite a few musical or theatre performances in the past such as The Forbidden City, Miss Saigon, Singin' In The Rain and Rashomon, but it was quite far from the stage! This time, I'm sitting at the first row, the conductor is just in front of me, and the stage is also just right in front and it was one hell of an experience to see the performer and the orchestra so near.

And today, Leanne treat me Black Canyon Coffee. I think I found my favorite coffee joint. I'm so tired of Starbuck these day. She and Taufik laugh when I told them that I went to see musical with my girlfriend. They never think I'm the kind of person who appreciate art and musical performances. They must be thinking that I'm just a typical "Mafia" ... if you know what I mean.

No, like my friend, Jeremy. I love musical, art, museum, wine ... nar, I'm more of a coffee and tea drinker. I'm also into sportfishing, running, and hiking. I got a feeling that my next outdoor trip will be with orang asli going into some deep virgin jungle for some sportfishing activity.

Gosh, it's raining cat and dog here! I better finish off my friend's work. I'm helping him doing some presentation for a talk later today.
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