Monday, August 06, 2007

My friend caught the 2nd biggest snakehead (Haruan) after casting non-stop with his 8ft rod. 3 of fishes got away, one even jump up the water and got off from his hook while he was reeling it back. He continue to cast at the same old location in the picture above, took a break after casting non-stop for the whole evening. Then nearby, he decided to cast again near my fishing spot, and then caught his fish of the day.

Mr James (aka Fat Rap) was fishing all over the spot and still get nothing. When he is resting nearby us, he told us that he didn't want to have zero for the day, and then he continue casting again. His fish, a snakehead was the biggest that day. That monster was at least 2kg. His light rod didn't have the power to bring up the fish, and Mr James actually jump down into the water to drag his fish up! He too caught it nearby my fishing spot.

I didn't get a big fish that day but I think I'm lucky as I caught a Bujok that day. Bujok also known as Forest Snakehead is quite rare and the size I'm getting is not that small, but still have not reach 1kg. After taking a group photo, I release it back into the water. I'm consider lucky in fishing as I been catching lot of snakehead lately, from small to big snakehead at all over the places. I even caught a forest snakehead and a peacock bass recently. I always release the fish as I'm a firm believer in catch and release. Yesterday I release a peacock bass and I think the rest of the angler were slightly dissapointed as they think I throw their dinner away. It's not easy to catch a good size Peacock Bass at Air Kunning and I was lucky to catch one with my spoon. Spoon is actually a type of lure, not the spoon we use for eating. I think those angler that I was with yesterday claim that they are into catch and release but in reality I think they just want to release into their STOMACH! One even think of using fish trap. This make me think, do they fish because they love the sport or they fish because of the meat. Mind you, they are not poor brat. If they are like orang asli, and they need the meat, I would understand. The fishing equipment they are using are highly expensive one. Even one rod is enough for you to eat at least a few soon hock or expensive fish in expensive chinese restaurant. Those lures they are using are also not cheap and they almost lost at least 2-3 that day. For the price of the lures (artificial fish/frog) they are using, I think I can even go to my favorite german restaurant and have my mixed grill + german beer with my love ones.

With such expensive gear, are you into fishing for the meat or the fun?

p/s : you don't need expensive gear for the meat.

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