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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I have not been watching movie in the cinema for a long time, and I don't even remember the last movie I watch in the cinema. I had skip Indiana Jones, Rambo, Ironman, etc. You name it, and most probably I would have not watch in the cinema. But recently, in order to cheer up my depressing gf, I actually make an exception, I went to watch King Fu Panda. My gf is a little weird sometimes, she don't really enjoy Rambo (which is a good thing because I find it to be quite crappy as well). But when she drag me to watch Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, I get a shock of my life, since when she is keen to watch something so complex and deep. Anyway, I think our 2 other friend who join us for that movie, didn't really enjoy it. One of them like all sort of brainless action flick, so I guess this sort of genre didn't really suit him. This 2 friend always visit the cinema, and recently one of them even go watch Ironman twice. They are a big supporter to the cinema industry in Malaysia, whether it's a silly show like The Happening or Meet The Spartans, they will sure pay 11 bucks to watch it in the cinema. Sometimes I really envy them because I'm also very into watching movie (but recently have difficulty finishing even one movie and ended up watching the middle part or ending another day). Life is crap when you get older, I guess.

If you are wondering why the heck I'm so free now blogging crap ... it's because all my bandwidth is fully occupy, and both my computer processing power is also occupy with work. So better write this offline (with Windows Live Writer) while waiting for the uploading and downloading to finish.

Gee, I think I better go back to doing something more useful than writting more rubbish online ....

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