Forbidden City in Shenzhen?

Monday, April 14, 2008


A paronoma of Miniature Forbidden City in Shenzhen. We took train to Shenzhen from Guangzhou.


Train Station at Luohu District. In Shenzhen, our trip is all about eating and shopping. Apart from East Gate Shopping Center, the only exotic things we did was going for a leg massage.


Some miniature building inside Splendid China. The weather in Shenzhen is extremely hot compare to Guangzhou. Not a good weather for sight seeing. Next time, I think I will just drop by Shenzhen for a while (for eating only). This restaurant that I went serve one of the best Dim Sum I ever eat. They even serve fried rice that I think is one of the best I had eaten so far in my life! Exactly like what I saw in Cooking Master Boy (the anime).


Shenzhen is pretty developed compare to the place I came from. They have sophisticated public transport, wide road, many highrise and lot of people! Lot of fake money as well. My girlfriend almost got con with a fake note.


Tsingtao is pretty cheap in China, but I think the level of alcohol is quite low. No kick after drinking it.


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