Wanted Dead or Alive!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Last weekend, I was invited to a fishing trip at Sekinchan area. It was disaster all the way from start till almost end of the trip! Almost everything jinx happen ... no case to keep the mantis prawn bait, no air pump to keep the bait alive, the tide too low - boat can't go out from the port, slow bite, no baitfishes, surrounded by trawler boat, very windy and rough sea, storm, changing to many fishing spot - yet no fish, anchor fall into the sea, fishing net almost stuck into the engine, friends thinking that they encounter a hearse boat (don't think it's a hearse boat, most likely it's the nine emperor god boat), rod drop into the sea, etc.

Disaster, right? Well, the good thing is I took the opportunity to sleep throughout the trip. I sleep through all that, and by the time I wake-up (fully awake), I was ready for some real fishing action. We found a tripletail spot, and we manage to pull up almost everything from that spot. My buddy's fishing instinct save this trip. We had a break at the last spot. If not, we will end up going back home with a bad trip.

The storm that night was rough but nothing compare to those that I saw in Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch.

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