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Monday, June 16, 2008

I decided to write something this morning as I realize I had not been blogging for a long long time. Even one of my online banking had been temporary deactivated (until I start using the account again). Then it occur to me, maybe if I didn't blog for a long time, maybe blogger might even deactivate me (or my reader will).

Friends decided to look for gold (by the river) in Semenyih one early Sunday morning. I wish I had took some photos of my previous trip to Paka. It was a good fishing trip. I broke my rod but caught many fish. Maybe will blog about that next time.

Mr Don, cute as ever, but not as loyal as last time. Last time when I was in Penang, whenever I work downstair or working in front of the TV, he will be sitting or sleeping nearby. Nowaday, he is not even close at sight. While I blog this, I think he is sleeping somewhere upstair (in some aircond room). Hmm, he didn't realise I'm the one who sponsor all his favorite chickie strip and greenies.

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