2 more Days to Bangkok!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

After coming back from Sungai Petani last weekend. It's about time to use my passport again. As my previous trip to China is not really a vacation (too much walking and sort of business related). I'm going to take this opportunity to have as fun as possible in Bangkok before our business peak period in the next 2 month. Bangkok is something me and Su Ling are looking forward to. Pork Burger! Something that we didn't eat when we were in China. China McD only offer us some spicy chicken burger ... sigh.


McD's Pork Burger! Even the thoughts of it make me hungry now!


I been to Bangkok before, and this time, I plan to skip all the silly sightseeing. My plan is to see either the popular Calypso Cabaret show or Joe Louis Puppet show. Other than the 2 show, I only intend to use most of my time in "The Mother of All Market". 


Chatuchak Weekend Market - The mother of all market in Bangkok. Over there, you get to see Cowboys performing (maybe you will even get to see me performing if I need some spare change). Hidden somewhere in the market is a delicious blue mountain coffee stall. It's so good that even Black Canyon is no match. Okay, maybe I over exaggerate ... too much of BC ice coffee. Anyway, I'm very sure my crazy girlfriend will be buying tons and tons of stuff there. The last time she went with See Mun, she bought many boxes of @#*~!&@ ...

Leon (the greek from Aus) will be in town this weekend. Last time they took him to Penang. Well, this time I heard it will be some Island. Arrr .. if I don't have this Bangkok trip, I would rather go fishing in some island ...

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