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Tuesday, October 07, 2008


During the previous Raya holiday, me and Ah Su drove off to Muar to buy some otak-otak. The small town (also PG's hometown) is famous for otak-otak, claim to be made from mackerel fish paste. Somehow I don't really believe it's made from mackerel ... afterall it's not easy to catch a mackerel these day. When I was eating the otak-otak that day in Muar, my mind could only imagine the otak-otak was made from some commercial fresh water fish such as catfish. Apart from otak-otak, we also had some pork satay at that street. We didn't eat much as we need to rush back to Malacca for dinner. Yeah, nice dinner awaiting us in Malacca. Back in Malacca, we had steamed cod fish, suckling pig, deep fried calamari, etc. In short, expensive dinner but I was a little to full to fully enjoy it.

The traffic Muar is fine but coming back to KL was quite a nightmare. The traffic was extremely heavy even when it was still second day of Raya. It was a back to back drive, and at times I was only driving at about not more than 80kmph. Then next day, some business associate treated us lunch at some chinese restaurant in Jaya 33. Su think the lunch this time is better than the one we had in Oriental the last time. But anyhow, I'm quite bored with these kind of chinese lunch and food. In fact, I told her that I was not keen to join them for lunch, but alas, I still need to socialise and do some biz networking. These day, I been label by Su as an anti-social guy. I think it's because I mix too much with Mr Don! Mr Don is not really a friendly dog. He don't mix with the neighbor's cats and dogs. Mr Don only mix with pretty girls (human) and sometimes with me (afterall, I'm the one who always bring him out for joyride in the city). 


Okay, I will need to go back to work. Not exactly work, but more to compiling my holiday/business itinerary. I'm going off for a deep sea fishing this weekend, and next weekend, I will be off to ...

1) Going for afternoon dimsum and dinner at Sunday Chiu Chow King (三岛潮皇粤菜酒楼).
2) Going for my tangyuen desert.

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