Prison Break Hairstyle

Sunday, June 29, 2008

If you been watching Prison Break, you will realise all those guys had a similar hairstyle, and I realise it's sort of a trend recently that almost everyone I know or don't really know decided to change their hairstyle to a prison break hairstyle. One fine extremely hot day, I think I had enough of all this messy hairstyle, and I decided to ask the hair stylist to give me a crew cut! The hair stylist ask me they have number from 1 to 10. Well, it take alot of courage to change it (I dare you to do the same, if you think it's easy), and after a short consideration, I told the stylist that I want number 2. Okay, I didn't want to be the number 1 guy (number 2 is okay for me).

As I'm the only customer at the shop, the hair stylist been telling me alot about the tough life nowaday. He think it's not easy to earn a living nowaday especially when the petrol price is so expensive. Okay, it's not easy to earn a living nowaday, especially if you are only earning less than 2k per month. But still, I think I do have and know many people who earn less than that, and yet life still goes on for them. Maybe no family or wife, but still happy jolly life. But seriously, if you are earning only 2k per month, I think it's barely enough if you need to pay for house rental, car installment, petrol, food and entertainment. Maybe that's why alot of hongkies have 2 jobs, one full time, and one part time, such as driving cab. Sucky, right?


Living life nowaday is like Mr Don. Always hungry for better treats and newer toys. Not just the economy is sucky nowaday. The local politic scene is also sucky! There's news or maybe rumour that DSAI might get arrested by the police for some sodomy case again. If he is really guilty last time, he should not be release in the first place. But if he is been release, the public perception is he is been frame, and every smart tom dick and harry won't use the same trick twice. Remind me of what silly Taufik once said, it doesn't matter whether a plot is old as long as it work. Not in this case, I believe. I think the citizen is sick of something, and that's why there's a tsunami in the recent political landscape.

Like this afternoon, I was in KL, and there's so many riot police. I believe there's a riot going on somewhere (but didn't see any). The stupid police close so many roads, and in the end causing inconvenience to everyone. Imagine, I had to take one whole big round to go back to the place I'm going because all shortcut road had been closed. At one point, when I was stopping my car at the side of the road, one angry traffic police ask me to go off. I have to admit I been a little crook for taking my own sweet time because I know he won't give me a summon. You know why? Because he dare not give a summon to the car in front which has heavy modification, and the driver daring as ever, just leave the car there, while he is somewhere else. At one point, the traffic police is so pissed, till he show me his summon book on the air and showing me his hand (while mumbling something on his mouth). Well, I guess he is piss with something, especially when I think he is really affected by the recent fuel hike, and he can't protest because he is the law enforcer. So I decided to give him some face, and drove one big round again. By the time, I reach back there again, it's about to rain, and suddenly you see all the riot police and almost all the police rushing off (because it did rain heavily after that).

Why can't our local law enforcer be like those in Hong Kong or Singapore? What happen to professionalism? Geee ... maybe that's why we need to have the IPMC and if my government can't give me that, I might consider kicking them off their job!

Look like I'm one of the many disgruntle citizen who happen to blog ...

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