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Sunday, September 18, 2005

I finally got this blog back from Andy Poh. Kill off his blog and restart my own. Enough about Andy, time to talk about my life.

It's 7.24am now, I think Jeremy should be awake by now. He was like a little down yesterday and went off to sleep. Imagine if all the girls you hang out with, is no longer available, one by one started to get marry, and the groom isn't you! I won't blame him for been moody at all.

It's hazy this morning, and I hope it rain soon as it's really warm in KL these days. Last night the temperature is about 30 celsius. This evening, Lynda will be coming back from Singapore and most probably I will still be sleeping at that time. That's another long story. I'm doing this venture (#**^^@#%">#**^^@#%) which everyone is looking down and thinking that the team is wasting their time. I think I won't go into that now. Sensitive issue.

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