Friday, October 21, 2005

Frosty For Sale ~ $20.58

EVERYBODY LOVES FROSTY is reality's most watched and highest-rated comedy. Starring standup netpreneur Frosty in the title role, the series revolves around Frosty, a not so successful netpreneur living on Penang Island with his wifegirlfriend, FrosFros (Su Ling), 13-year-old Bear, Koala, and 9-year-old twin sons, Muffin and ??????. That's the good news.

The bad news? Frosty's meddling friends, Frank and Sean, live directly across the street and embrace the motto "Su casa es mi casa," managing to infiltrate their buddy's home to an unparalleled extent. Frank's favorite expression, "Holy Crap!" is shouted at regular intervals and Sean's cooking and cleaning "advice" is less than appreciated by FrosFros. Frosty's gay brother, JimJim, an IT project manager, has finally moved out of his parents' house and married FrosFros's best friend, Sharon. Frosty's uptight sister and anti-social brother make the family mix even more entertaining -- except for Frosty and FrosFros, who just wish someone would knock.

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