Final Fantasy VII

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I had finally finish watching this Final Fantasy 7 animation. The story is quite good, as Cloud still like Aeris. But I personally think Tika is better. Gosh, I'm so sleepy now.

I don't want to take coffee, unless I want to take coffee like what I wrote in one of those forum. I drink coffee in the morning, I drink coffee in the afternoon, and I drink coffee before I sleep. I sleep better after drinking coffee. Of course it's not true!

Gosh, I must go make coffee ... don't make sense if I go sleep now! Ah Su went to KB, and somehow I think life without her is fun, as I feel like I have more time to do my work. With her around (even when she is online), she would be bugging me and I don't like people to bug me!

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