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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Su ...

This is Ah Su, she ask me to start a blog about sex, but somehow I'm not so into sex. Below is an extract of our conversation in IM.


Ah Su: An orgasm also helps you lose some fats. Now thats cool too because you will look better, unless you don't have any fats to minus from, but I don't talk to skinny people so thats their business.

Ah Su: People can smell desperate-ness from a mile away. When u portray yourself to be desperate, you don't get sex. No sex=no orgasms. Then you become more desperate. Then it can be smelt from 2 miles away. Desperation=no sex. Then you get frantic. = no sex. Then you finally die. Life is not worth living.


I was thinking about some of my friend, but then I don't think it's true. Why? Because my friend went to Sri Petaling and Kepong to get their orgasms. For me, I rather go play my PS2 (my brother bought a new game).

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