Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hike up Penang Hill from Youth Park.

I finally continue this blog after uploading this the other day. I think it's more than a week since we hike Penang Hill from youth park. Armed with a 2 tupperware of sandwiches, 1 big bottle of water, plenty of chocolate bars and a computer printed map, we decide to hike up Penang hill that day. I think we started hiking early in th morning about 7 or 8am, and reach Penang hill at about noon. Going through the trail was fun, I didn't know there's a playground on top of the hill (call Station 5 or 45 ... don't really remember the station name). And from there, we continue through the forest (photo above). The forest is quite cooling as there's mist (maybe it's because we are high up the hill). We stop quite often, as Ah Su keep asking me to stop after walking for about few minutes. Going through the forest is quite scary, as we are the only one travelling that trail. I know there's one uncle ahead of me, and after a while another uncle pass through me. These uncles seem to be regular, and jog through the trail.

After a while, we reach station 84, which was guard by an old lady (I think she is waiting for someone). Ah Su ask her for direction, and she look at Ah Su from toe to face, then ask her to take the tar road trail so that she won't get lost. The tar road up to Penang Hill was really tough, even I need to stop quite often, as it's really steep. There's one nice house half way, some crazy dogs and one small puppy who seem to be lost (and wanted to follow us). I have to motivate Ah Su by telling her that we are reaching all the time, and she will curse me after going up that steep road, only to discover that there's still a long way.

When we saw the signboard and the Indian temple, that was good sign as we know we have finally reach the top. We actually reach somewhere near the hotel and small bird park on top of the hill. We eat our sandwiches and then took a tram down.

No more hiking for now ... at least not on tar road. Tomorrow, I will talk about the movies I watch recently (That board game movie, some award winning foreign film about Afghanistan, some hong kong flick about beer/liquer, stupid flightplan, sky high, etc). The only one that I really enjoyed is that board game movie and that flick about beer/liquer. I plan to watch that hong kong musical soon, not that Jackie Cheung Snow Wolf Lake, but that one in cinema.

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