Autograph Book

Friday, September 29, 2006

I found this in Ah Su's store room. It's an old autograph book. Those kiddon book that you ask your friends and teachers to write and sign something when you were in primary school.
I was going through the book, pretty boring until I come across Siokster page. Siokster is Ah Su's best friend and I didn't know Siokster was once a kiddo writting all this funny little poem. In fact, I think they must be quite young when they wrote this autograph book as the vocalbuary are quite limited.

Even the poem is outdated and there's a ice cream corner in the book. I think even as kids, they must really enjoy ice cream. I wonder if Sean have an autograph book like Ah Su. Or perhaps Sean already dump that book away to show that he is already a macho grown-up like me :) Posted by Picasa

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Grand Palace in Bangkok. I was in Bangkok last weekend. The first place I visited was the grand palace and emerald temple. Then it was another ancient temple nearby the river. At night, I went to the biggest night market in the city. Bought myself a fake birkenstock sandal. I think before that I was in Chinatown for a while.

Next day, I went to the weekend market, and got myself a triangle pillow, bought a fake croc beach sandal and 2 T-shirt. Had plenty of thai food. Even went to Siam Paragon to explore the branded stuff. Overall, the food in Bangkok is quite cheap. You must be wondering how come I was in Bangkok last weekend. It all started when Ah Su think she should go explore those cheap products in Bangkok, and decided to book and buy ticket last Wednesday night. Then Saturday, I was already in Bangkok walking like mad! Posted by Picasa

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KL Bird Park

Monday, September 04, 2006

<<-- Chicken and Peacock.

I went to KL Bird Park on July 16 with Su, Jeremy and 2 other girl. The park is quite big and lot of birds to see. You must be wondering since when I'm so into birds? Aha, then you really don't know me that well. I'm a big fan of bird(s). I have a bird, love to eat bird (chicken) and I like watching bird on TV.

Anyway, enough about me and bird. If I remember correctly, I had bird flu that day when I was visiting Bird Park. The running nose make the whole trip so tiring for me. Ah Su also got pissed off that day as she didn't get enough sleep and need to wake up early to go Bird Park. Who briliant idea was that? Jeremy suggested it and since I was in town that time, might as well go see birds...

Jeremy's paintball outing was alot better (I heard) but unfortunatey I'm stuck with work and need to report to my slave master. Sad ... I was once a slave driver, and now I'm a slave ... but then life is all about work and no fun (according to Ah Su). Ah Su think life is to made tons and tons and tons and tons and tons of money and laugh all the way to the bank. That girl is crazy and almost a workaholic. Proud like a peacock too ...

These days I have so much things to blog but don't have the bloody time for it ... even sleep also no time! Sleeping is so precious for me ... I think I better stop here and go to sleep. I need to finish up more work and rush back to KL for a while. My sister just sent me an sms to ask me to go home, telling me that someone almost die the other day. To me, it's just a small matter, I also once thought I almost die in the toilet (after shit to alot of blood) but I didn't die. I'm still well and alive here .... ;)

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