Wednesday, April 25, 2007

This is not my idea but Su Ling's idea. Mr Don is turn into Don Junkie or Sakai Don. I'm extremey tired, but I still blog so that it will be more consistent unlike Simon once a month blog posting. I think he is too busy, went to India, etc. Talking about India, I meet 2 Tibetian herbalist or sensei last week. One of them inspect my pulses, and told me that I'm high in uric acid and have too much oil in my gout. Then he propose I eat less fried stuff, and take some herbal medicine. The unknown herbal pill is not cheap, cost almost RM300 plus for 100 days of consumption. My business associate even offer to pay for me, but I didn't want any gratitude from him. You never know what is those pill made off, and I don't simply consume anything I don't know. You can never be too careful, unlike Mr Don.

Okay, time to go sleep. I also have a friend who choose not to sleep. He even told me that although he may live till 70 years old, but because he sleep less than anyone of us, he get to live his life to the fullest. Guess what, he had accident few weeks back, went into ICU, had operation and is now recovering. Accident due to lack of sleep, he bang his brand new car to a tree, and had internal bleeding.

Anyway, apart from drinking liquer and some beer once in a while. I try to eat less, more vege, and if possible, I will eat vegetarian. I eat vege because I promise God I will be good as I always bully Mr Don. Put him on some place high so that he can't jump down, hide his toys, cover up his favorite hidding spot so he can't go sleep or hide there. Run up and down the house, pretending as if I'm going out.

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