Heart Of Greed

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Currently, I'm watching this drama, Heart of Greed. It's a TVB drama about abalone and dried seafood. It's one long drama, as there's about 40 episode, and I think I watch till episode 10.

Apart from this, I'm also watching the Life Art, another TVB series, but I find that kinda boring, it's about Kevin, an IT guy who live a hectic life (not me, but Kevin Cheng), until he meet this straight hair girl, Gigi. Okay, the only reason I'm still watching it is due to Gigi. I guess I'm a fan of Gigi. In fact, I'm a big fan of some of the Hong Kong actresses such as Gigi, Ada, Yoyo, Tavia, Linda ... don't know why ... somehow I'm still addicted to Gigi. If you talk about nice plot and cast, then Heart of Greed is definetely the one, but that charm of Gigi still capture me.

And ever since I came back from Penang, I finally manage to finish watching Curse of the Golden Flower, and it's not as bad as I thought. I have to admit I watch too much HK flick such as Protege, Curse of the Golden Flower, Confession of Pain and Wise Man Never Die. I might be watching Happy Birthday if I have the time, but the review about it, is not too good. Can you imagine Louis Koo doing a romantic flick? I still remember him as the drug junkie in Protege. Okay, i only watch award winning flick but sometimes I may watch those from Wong Jing such as Wise Guy Never Die.

On a typical Saturday night, I have invitation from friends to go clubbing, then I got friend asking me to go cyber cafe. In the end, I didn't go clubbing or cyber and choose to visit a business associate. I think I'm too old for stuff like clubbing at places like Q bar. When friend tell me about girls they meet there who is around 19 or those college kiddo, I think there's really age gap. I was thinking .. what the heck some old man (not me, but my friends) doing hanging out with some young hippies, and pretending to be young. Okay, that's the clubbing bunch. Then there's another bunch who go cyber cafe. Well, once upon a time, I do go cyber cafe for network game, but again I think I'm too old for it. Somehow it remind me of those overgrown babies playing Magic the gathering or those miniature table gaming, and making those special effect with their mouth. Weird, right?

So you must be asking what people around our age, should do ... what about going to papaya farm or night club? Okay, I'm just kidding, everyone is unique like what Ah Su always tell me. Some people grow up fast, some people are late starter, and some people are destined to do BIG thing in life. So, the question is which type of people are you?

Geee, I talk too much crap, must be the dim sum that I had just now in Petaling Street. I think I better go sleep now else I will start talking more crap. Lot of things for me to do ... later today.

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