Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dinner. Talking about dinner, I feel hungry now! Unfortunately there's no more burger in my fridge, only sausages and bacon.

Anyway, I just got back here blogging again at 9.41am ... I'm surviving now with cofffee, and I know someday I might really die young. Look at the food I'm eating, you know I will die because of that. This afternoon (Friday), I will go eat some vegetarian meal. I remember I once promise about eating vegetarian. Well, it's one of those overpromise, under deliver. Haiz ... sad life.

Su Ling is earning alot of Adsense these day, I thought I want to be the pro-blogger, but turn out that she is better than me. What's happening to me?

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Front Sharp, Back Blurr ... not SLR :)

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Old Stuff ...

Monday, September 26, 2005

Still remember?

The sweet girl standing beside me is sweetheart su (fierce + clingy = su). In fact, all the girls in this photo are all fierce lady, and they graduate from the same university. The guy also come from the same school and did their post-school studies at the same institution. 4 of them have the same education discipline which is IT/Computer Science. 2 ... I think it's better if I put this in statistic.

IT = 4/5
Fierce = 2/5
Love Shopping = 2/5
Same School = 3/5
Same University = 2/5
Crazy = 2/5
Super Hamsap = 1/5
King of Comedy = 2/5
Currently Attached = 5/5
Love Gambling = 3/5
Angry Beaver = 1/5

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My Dinner.

I came back to this section to continue blogging later. I'm not a healthy person, drink alot of coffee, and I even feel weird these day like once in a while I think I got chest pain. I don't even look as good as I was, I have a big tummy, maybe not as big as Calvin or my cousin(s) ;)
Anyway, I just got back from eating nasi goreng ayam, had some discussion with Daniel. On the way back, I realise I actually left my phone in the car. I saw this sms from Ah Su. Ah Su is actually good for me, just like the apple above. I don't know about her motive, but where can you find a girl who over-protect you? I'm a crook, but she think I'm too dumb, and she always take care of my welfare. Gosh, I think I better go sleep now.

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Guess Who?

Guess who?

This is Ah Su aka Su Ling. Everything that you can ever imagine a girl to be, including the fierce and clingy characteristic. Currently she is busy disturbing me online. Even when I go out, she will call and disturb me. Sometimes, it's a pain in the ass, but sometimes it's fun (because I can never think of anyone as crazy as her other than me). Well, I never know how annoying and crazy I was until I get the same type of treatment from her. I have no idea where she took this photo, but I assume it must be her brother's convocation in UTM. A family of IT professional, except for me, I'm moving into real estate with my buddy, Dandy. I don't even know if I can excel in this area, but I'm applying my IT knowledge into this.

I realise I'm running out of topic to blog. I only spend my time in front of the PC, getting nag by the lady above, and sleep. I realise I have a messy life, and everything is so unmanageable but luckily there's one person who always audit and force me back on track.

Later I will come-up with 10 things that I hope she will promise me ... number 1, don't always "lau gai".

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High paying Adsense keywords

Sunday, September 25, 2005

These keywords are just my prediction from using a tool in Adwords. I think it is possible to earn more money. The list is as shown below:

these are just keywords, your topic should cover stuff about those keywords.

1. Travel, travelling, holidays, vacation

2. sex, how to please your partner, romantic ideas

3. books

4. movies, blockbuster

5. music, mp3

6. gps

If i have more time i will look more into it. but those keywords supposely from the estimation tool generate a lot of traffic.

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Million Dollar Homepage

The Million Dollar Homepage Project -

Some guy plan to sell ads and raise 1 million US dollar for himself to go through university. What a weird world ...

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Accessories for Sale ...

Saturday, September 24, 2005

For Sale - RM50 for all ...

I have a new hobby these day, taking photos of products and sell it off. If you are keen to buy the product above, email me ... or pay me via paypal :)

I have $0.94 from Adsense today, and someday I hope I will get my a $100 cheque from Adsense. I will use that money to buy something for Ah Su. Maybe not, sometimes I find Ah Su rather annoying. She keep disturbing me all time until I can only eat dinner at 12am. In fact this is not the first time. Everyday I had nightmare, nightmare of crazy su.

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Final Fantasy VII

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I had finally finish watching this Final Fantasy 7 animation. The story is quite good, as Cloud still like Aeris. But I personally think Tika is better. Gosh, I'm so sleepy now.

I don't want to take coffee, unless I want to take coffee like what I wrote in one of those forum. I drink coffee in the morning, I drink coffee in the afternoon, and I drink coffee before I sleep. I sleep better after drinking coffee. Of course it's not true!

Gosh, I must go make coffee ... don't make sense if I go sleep now! Ah Su went to KB, and somehow I think life without her is fun, as I feel like I have more time to do my work. With her around (even when she is online), she would be bugging me and I don't like people to bug me!

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Ham Sap Su ...

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Su ...

This is Ah Su, she ask me to start a blog about sex, but somehow I'm not so into sex. Below is an extract of our conversation in IM.


Ah Su: An orgasm also helps you lose some fats. Now thats cool too because you will look better, unless you don't have any fats to minus from, but I don't talk to skinny people so thats their business.

Ah Su: People can smell desperate-ness from a mile away. When u portray yourself to be desperate, you don't get sex. No sex=no orgasms. Then you become more desperate. Then it can be smelt from 2 miles away. Desperation=no sex. Then you get frantic. = no sex. Then you finally die. Life is not worth living.


I was thinking about some of my friend, but then I don't think it's true. Why? Because my friend went to Sri Petaling and Kepong to get their orgasms. For me, I rather go play my PS2 (my brother bought a new game).

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A New Blog ...

I finally got this blog back from Andy Poh. Kill off his blog and restart my own. Enough about Andy, time to talk about my life.

It's 7.24am now, I think Jeremy should be awake by now. He was like a little down yesterday and went off to sleep. Imagine if all the girls you hang out with, is no longer available, one by one started to get marry, and the groom isn't you! I won't blame him for been moody at all.

It's hazy this morning, and I hope it rain soon as it's really warm in KL these days. Last night the temperature is about 30 celsius. This evening, Lynda will be coming back from Singapore and most probably I will still be sleeping at that time. That's another long story. I'm doing this venture (#**^^@#%">#**^^@#%) which everyone is looking down and thinking that the team is wasting their time. I think I won't go into that now. Sensitive issue.

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