A Typical Day

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This morning, I started the day by going to the People’s Republic of China Embassy to collect my travel visa. Then I went to hang out at this back alley.

This is a typical KL back alley. Is that someone dealing with dope over there? Actually no, there’s no dope or pros! In fact, this alley is a well known tourist place in KL.

After hanging out at KL, the next destination is PJ. Fetch my sicko girlfriend to see this popular chinese physician. Tong Ren Tang is a store that deal with traditional chinese medicine since the Qing Dynasty. Sicko girlfriend overheat and develop some weird rashes (due to weird sleeping hour – whenever I go sleep, she is awake. And whenever I wake up, she goes sleep). You can have all the money in the world, but money can’t buy you health. 

While waiting for the chinese medicine to be ready, we went off to the stamp duty office to get some official stamping for some legal document. Our local government office is simply amazing! I don’t even remember how long I actually waited before I get my things done. 

So while waiting, I decided to take some photos of the surrounding. It was a hot day! My car external temperature reading tell me that it’s about 37 degree Celsius outside. A perfect day for outdoor photography. See the sky is actually blue and you can even see the cloud!

No, that’s not my car. Although I always think of buying it. 

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kian_shen said...

ur blog starting to get interesting back ..

shud keep writing more :D

12:01 AM  

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