Balloon Fiesta @ Putrajaya

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Last night when I was sleeping, Su Ling came into the room and mumble to me something about some balloon fiesta. I thought who the heck want to go see balloon (just like the photo above). Spiderman balloon, anyone?

During Sunday morning, I actually decided to take a drive to Putrajaya and see what’s all this fuss about balloon. Gosh! It’s not those mickey mouse stuff but there’s actually a Hot Air Balloon Fiesta going on there! By the time I arrived (which is already late), almost all the balloon had already went up the air. This impressive Zeppelin is actually a Malaysia balloon.

Although I had skip fishing this Sunday (at some catfish kingdom), I’m actually quite happy (just like the clown). Maybe I will come back again next year for the balloon ride.

The weather was cloudy and that’s why a lot of photos didn’t turn out good. According to Su Ling, this is the Malaysia Balloon (with the Kelantan Delight ads on it). At least there’s some activities this Sunday. Next week, I think I will be going to DCIM at Midvalley. The following week after that, I will be going Bangkok. Xi’an trip is still not confirm, as there’s not enough tourist for the trip. Crappy Travel Agent! 


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