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Thursday, March 27, 2008


Earlier this month, I went down to Muar for PG's wedding. Eddy, the guy at the photo above took this opportunity to go for otak-otak and other popular local Muar's food as well. Gee, I think work really made my brain dead nowaday. After coming back from China, if there's still free time, I think I must go for a spa treatment. Looking at Eddy photo above, I realise I have not laughing or smile like him for a long-long time. Okay, I think I over exaggerated here, maybe it's been a while.


There's quite alot of people at the wedding dinner, alot of them I don't even know. I was actually surprised to see Josh there. I had been ages since I saw him. Small world. Long time ago, I know this chap thru friends like Jui Hong and Oon Yeoh. Well, he is still a popular guy now, except no longer young and good looking like last time. Maybe that's why I'm getting stress out. Talk about stress, I even feel stress the other day, when this silly Taufik ask me how I want to plan my wedding. Gee, I have not even look at the proposal ring yet, and have not even buy any at the moment. There's this issue of too big for a proposal ring, and then this issue of too small for ring! Su Ling is talking about carat! But my business associate, a diamond specialist think carat is for aunty, and it's not suitable for young lady. See? Now, I think I'm getting sick, too big, too small, best is to ignore it for a while.

Hmm, I wonder if I can import a boat from China or not. Since my girlfriend is importing tons and tons of thing, maybe that's why I'm having stress. Last she is talking about finding a warehouse! Warehouse for godsake!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

This is getting fun! I think I have a solution for Taufik!

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It had been ages since I blog ...

And the only reason I'm back is I need to test some software for my friend, Taufik, who want to write aka blog.

Taufik & James Fishing
P1011703This photo was taken during my recent fishing trip at Paka few days before PRU 2008. Alot of things had happen since the last time I blog. All I know was I been to lot of places, meet lot of people, drink lot of coffee at Black Canyon, watch quite a few movies such as 2000 BC, Before the Devil Knows ... (don't really remember the show name), eat lot of tenggiri, and did alot of work as well.

I'm currently writting this using Windows Live Writer and so far so good. Taufik, the guy at the photo above is actually a writer, and he is planning to write about his fishing adventure soon.

Hmm, few more days before I go china. Must go see if I can source any good fishing tackles from there.   

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