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Thursday, March 27, 2008


Earlier this month, I went down to Muar for PG's wedding. Eddy, the guy at the photo above took this opportunity to go for otak-otak and other popular local Muar's food as well. Gee, I think work really made my brain dead nowaday. After coming back from China, if there's still free time, I think I must go for a spa treatment. Looking at Eddy photo above, I realise I have not laughing or smile like him for a long-long time. Okay, I think I over exaggerated here, maybe it's been a while.


There's quite alot of people at the wedding dinner, alot of them I don't even know. I was actually surprised to see Josh there. I had been ages since I saw him. Small world. Long time ago, I know this chap thru friends like Jui Hong and Oon Yeoh. Well, he is still a popular guy now, except no longer young and good looking like last time. Maybe that's why I'm getting stress out. Talk about stress, I even feel stress the other day, when this silly Taufik ask me how I want to plan my wedding. Gee, I have not even look at the proposal ring yet, and have not even buy any at the moment. There's this issue of too big for a proposal ring, and then this issue of too small for ring! Su Ling is talking about carat! But my business associate, a diamond specialist think carat is for aunty, and it's not suitable for young lady. See? Now, I think I'm getting sick, too big, too small, best is to ignore it for a while.

Hmm, I wonder if I can import a boat from China or not. Since my girlfriend is importing tons and tons of thing, maybe that's why I'm having stress. Last she is talking about finding a warehouse! Warehouse for godsake!

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