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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

And the only reason I'm back is I need to test some software for my friend, Taufik, who want to write aka blog.

Taufik & James Fishing
P1011703This photo was taken during my recent fishing trip at Paka few days before PRU 2008. Alot of things had happen since the last time I blog. All I know was I been to lot of places, meet lot of people, drink lot of coffee at Black Canyon, watch quite a few movies such as 2000 BC, Before the Devil Knows ... (don't really remember the show name), eat lot of tenggiri, and did alot of work as well.

I'm currently writting this using Windows Live Writer and so far so good. Taufik, the guy at the photo above is actually a writer, and he is planning to write about his fishing adventure soon.

Hmm, few more days before I go china. Must go see if I can source any good fishing tackles from there.   

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