Puzzle from Toyota

Thursday, May 10, 2007

A 2 piece puzzle from Toyota. I think they are launching a new car, a hybrid car, and recently send out this info pack about hybrid car. We are living in a time where fuel cost is rising, this hybrid car really fit into the missing puzzle of rising cost. My car now is quite good as a full tank of petrol only cost about RM80 or less, and I can travel about 400-500 in the city. Prior to this, I was driving the national car, and it can't even beat my current car in term of fuel economy.

A friend of mine was driving a volvo 4wd and it's really a big fuel drinker. Driving to KL and back, take one tank of petrol and if he use credit card, he can't even fill up the whole tank. But of course, that's a luxury tank car.

Nowaday, I'm into eating porridge. Every morning before the sunrise, I would drive to the city to get a bowl of porridge. This morning, the lady selling the porridge gave me a huge discount. In addition to the porridge, I order 2 add on, and I only pay a portion of the price. In fact, I was so stupid till I ask her again the price, and of course she still charge me the same. I think it must be my charisma, I think I'm getting more charismatic, in a way, becoming a lady killer. Just the other day, another lady called me up after office hour to update me about my order status. She is a really a chilipadi and I have to admit I'm shock she actually called me up to update me. Unfortunately I can't take spicy stuff ... I think it's a torture, same principle apply here :)

So far, I had pork intestine porridge, fish and chicken. The next time, I will be trying out the raw fish! Meatball porridge, I think I will skip, somehow it remind me of the porridge I had in SL's house. Too much ingredients in the bowl. I like simple and plain food. Not complicated and oily stuff.

I received an email recently from someone telling me that "USD5,000" is not making money, and not worth the effort. I'M SPEECHLESS!
That someone can afford to hire another fella and pay that fella RM4k a month doing nothing, and yet can tell me stupid story like this. To me, it's either something is not right or pure greed! I wanted to write that someone an email but decided to calm myself first. Of course, USd5,000 is not a big figure for me, I can easily generate that kind of figure, but the question now is what do I get in return?

I must tell that someone this ...

“I pity the man who wants a coat so cheap that the man or woman who produces the cloth will starve in the process.”

Arr, it's Thursday again, time to go running ...

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