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Saturday, May 05, 2007

I was photographer for that day. It was their marriage registration. I was suppose to update this section but too much activities in my life recently, and I'm only free now (Due to braindead).

I almost didn't recognise my friend's wife that morning, in fact I'm one of the few lucky guy who get to meet her more often than the other guys. Poor Jeremy, I think only saw her less than 5 times, since Calvin and Cheryl started going out together till the day they got married. That's long time as they both used to know my ex-girlfriend and now my new girlfriend. Not just Jeremy, even the rest of the boys seldom get to meet her. Calvin will give lot of reasons such as his wife is busy, etc. Most probably he need to keep his precious diamond from diamond hunter like Jeremy .... LOL!

I also realise my evil-gf started blogging recently. I think she must be too free as she don't have much life activity like me. She only want to earn tons and tons of money (for God knows what reason). For me, I have tons of activity like clubbing, drinking, smoking weed, SPA, fishing, talk cock with other business associate, drink coffee or tea and of course working. If you ask me whether I'm rich, I will definetely tell you that my life is rich ;)

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