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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Blogging is becoming so yesterday! Nowaday, we have twitter, facebook, flickr, and God knows what other social networking stuff around. As business grow big, so is the problem. Every year, I have new set of business problem or challenges. Last year, I have problem with payment processing, this year, I encounter something similar again. Anyway, all this is about to end, as I decided to move all business out of this miserable country.

No, that’s not my dog. It’s just one of the many dogs I saw in Japan. Compare to Mr Don, this one look more sharp and smart. Mr Don, if you really observe … look more like a dungu (Malay word for stupid or feeble-minded). After going to Japan, I begin to realise what’s actually a civilized society. People queue-up for everything, don’t simply throw rubbish everywhere and people don’t even steal or take stuff that don’t belong to them. Unlike China, people spit everywhere and there’s no such thing as queuing-up. There’s once occasion when I was trying to enter the theater, suddenly the people just stomp into the building, and in the process, I was squeeze like a hamburger. Maybe these people are farmers and perhaps no so civilized. Anyway, you gotta play the game, civilization to really get it. You start from farming, and you move on to industry, and the later move on to high tech stuff like space or nuclear (and you conquer your neighbor in the process).

There’s one thing that I really like about this Japan trip, it’s not the people or the food or the shopping. It’s the hot spring! Sitting in the hot spring (totally naked) outdoor during winter is really an experience. Well, there’s something that money just cannot buy…

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